1. tekguru

    Can't get to NAS web page in Firefox

    I decided to test out Firefox on the Mac instead of my usual Brave browser. All appears to be good except I can't acess the logon page for the NAS. All I see if a blank page, no logon screen at all. I've turned off Enhanced tracking protection in the browser, but still no go. Any ideas folks?
  2. Shanti

    Firefox connection problems

    Hi folks, since couple of last major versions of Firefox, currently ver. 82.x, (used as my primary browser) I experience a problem where after some time any new connection to my Synology, weather to DSM login, PHPmyAdmin, any Docker, WordPress web on it will result in almost endless (1-2...
  3. vtsakiris

    Solved Synology Download Manager Firefox Extension

    Hello, new here! Great forum I installed Synology Download Manager Firefox Extension: I entered all the setting correctly: When i try to download any thing via the extension it gives me the following message: If i...
  4. WST16

    Info Firefox turns controversial new encryption on by default in the US
  5. J

    Firefox syc server

    Hello, I try to setup a mozilla sync server but can't get it to work. I use this docker Docker Hub and i do the staps as describe. This is my config file. [server:main] use = egg:gunicorn host = port = 5000 workers = 1 timeout = 30 # SSL Support - uncomment the following lines to use...
  6. SynoMan

    Desktop and mobile browser

    Hi, what desktop and mobile browser are you using? For desktop I mainly use Firefox, but I'd like to replace it with Brave. Brave looks great, it's fast ... It's just not yet polished, still have some bugs, it's still not version 1.0. On mobile I use Brave. Firefox is just not working for me...