1. C

    Changing firmware on a DS106e

    Hi, I have a DS106e which I've managed to convince it is a DS109j by upgrading it's firmware. I'd like to try to get it to a DS109+ and am having some trouble convincing it to do so. I've tried changing /etc/synoinfo.conf to that it reads "unique="synology_powerpc_109+" and then saved it...
  2. C

    Question Firmware upgrade of DS106e

    Hi, This is quite a long-shot but I'll ask anyway :D. I have an old DS-106e and I've seen some dated posts on the internet where the firmware has been upgraded to a later version than would have normally been possible. Many, if not all, of the links are out of date and the files no longer...
  3. D

    DS1010+ reinstalling firmware to interal usb flash

    Hi, I have a DS1010+ that appears to have a corrupt of blank internal Usb flash unit When I try to boot the DS1010+ it gets a blue flashing power light I have tried with all drives removed but no change As the unit has the Vga port I connected up a monitor and could see that the unit tries to...
  4. Sultani

    Question How to change Disk Station Identity in the Firmware?

    Is it possible to alter/hack a DS412+ ID to RS814+ or a DS415+ ID to RS818+ to accept unsupported DSM installation successfully? Both pairs have the same CPU & the number of HDD bays, except the physical layouts are different. This has been done successfully to a few Synology Disk Stations to...