1. Lewis

    SHR and SHR2 format capacity

    Hi, I'm thinking to buy 12BAY NAS (so far my favourite is DS2422+) and my dilemma is 108TB capacity MAX volume size on that NAS device. So I'm thinking i'd make 2 volumes (one for work one for PLEX/media stuff) and there it comes dilemma. My idea is: Volume 1 - SHR2 with 9*16TB (7+2 for...
  2. Telos

    Previewed format does not match when posted.

    Recent thread... When I look at the posted thread coded table appears as However... when I looked at the preview before (and after) posting, the preview is correct... Explain me this mystery please.
  3. VFRdilbert

    .VOB videos assistance, please

    I have tons of videos in .vob format. how can I enable the ability to play them?
  4. C

    Trouble ReFormatting SSD Cache Drives

    I'm having trouble re-using/formatting what used to be cached SSDs for my 415+ after the 415+ died. I have 2 500gb SSD which were used in a cache rw which i had been using previously with my synology 415+. It's like both ssds died at the same time. I've tried diskpart recover/clear/activate...