1. Whisky Tahoe Foxtrot

    User introduction New to the forum

    Greetings Synology Users! I am the proud owner of a DS920+ and a DX517 expansion unit thanks to Prime day sales. Looking forward to learning as much as possible about the best practices and SW.
  2. SynoMan

    Info Forum upgrade (SEP 2020)

    Dear forum members and guests! has been upgraded to the latest forum software and has gained some new features: Thread types discussions (that was the main type till now) questions (for questions and support - thread starter or a staff member can mark certain post inside...
  3. jeyare

    Info Prve Cesko - Slovenske nezavisle forum pre Synology NAS uzivatelov

    Vitajte v prvom Cesko - Slovenskom fore, ktore sa bude venovat domene NAS od Synology. Toto forum je sucastou uspesneho projektu, ktore je dostupne pre vsetkych registrovanych uzivatelov. Postupne budeme doplnat Cesko-Slovensky obsah tak, aby bol dostupny pre vsetkych, ktori...
  4. SynoMan

    Info New section - Home Projects

    Hello, dear forum users! We have a new section called Home Projects in Miscellaneous category: All mixed portfolios (NAS, network, surveillance, ...) goes in there.
  5. Geeked

    Can I change the time format on this forum?

    I’m a Yank in the USA. I prefer 12 hour time rather than 24. I checked preferences and didn’t see it. Thank you.
  6. jeyare

    Question Similar info sources to this forum

    Gents, I'm just looking for similar forum to this one, not just forum, also News portal, Blogs with similar topics about: - Synology (NAS, Home/SME Network, Surveillance) - specialized to NAS environment (not just for Synology, but also include) - specialized to Surveillance environment -...
  7. Telos

    Forum title bar colors in dark mode ?

  8. S

    Question Installing a forum on a NAS

    Hello. Enough power DS218 + install and promote the forum on the CMS Xenforo 2?
  9. F

    Forum ui broken since last update

    Hi, since a few days the forum frontpage is not properly rendered on my tablet anymore. Screenshot for illustration:
  10. jeyare

    Question Synology improvements list from users = additional Forum value

    Gents, what about open special topic related to summary of recommendation for Synology (list of recommendations/improvements/ideas for Syno APS, HW). I think, there we have some good ideas. Seems to be in General topic, but isolated and visible. Then we can open this kind of communication to...
  11. Telos

    Question Mark forum read confirm

    Is it possible to mark forum read without a confirmation?
  12. R

    Forum Chat Gone

    I'm possibly being blind and missing a button, but for me, the forum chat has disappeared and I can't find any way to display it again. Anyone know what's wrong / the solution? 🤔
  13. SynoMan

    Guide Forum RSS feeds

    If you like RSS protocol than you might like RSS feeds from our forum. For global RSS feeds click in the top navigation link here: ... or in the footer link in the bottom right corner: For a single forum RSS feed click on the RSS icon on the forum list: ... or on the forum view...
  14. Imcon

    Implemented Forum for PhotoStation is missing here

    Forum for PhotoStation is missing here in this good promising (probably currently the best) Synology forum
  15. G

    Ubiquity Community - Forum change

    Looks like Ubnt also changed their forum style; a lot of unhappy folks over there as well. Seems like post are now through tags as opposed to discussion topics. Are all forums heading this way? I don’t understand why change something that works
  16. SynoMan

    Info Questions about forum usage

    Hello members! In this forum we'll try to publish information and guides about using this forum software. For any additional questions please reply to this thread.