1. Q

    Playing Retro Games on Synology NAS (N64, Game Cube, Wii... etc)

    Hello, I am interested in using emulators in my synology nas to play retro games using it. I tried using RetroArch on docker but it is not working properly. any suggestions on how to do that. is synology nas is capable of doing so?
  2. B

    Container Help

    Hey guys! I'm a bit of a novice on this, so please excuse any improper questions/issues being brought up. I've got a DS920+ and am trying to setup a server for my friends to play Valheim. I've upgraded the RAM, have a NvME and am ready to give it the good ol' college try. Unfortunately... I'm...
  3. jeyare

    Info Gamers: No need worry about speed of NAS storage

    This test was performed with my son's Steam portfolio and his own DS718+ Tested all heavy impact eaters as Metro, ... Transfer of tested games from the internal disk to NAS will take quite long time. You now, lot of small files in the transfer can kill performance. There was a main goal - test...