1. S

    Max HDD size on DS218play?

    Hello: Anybody know what the maximum HDD capacity of my DS218play is? Tried a search of the forum and Google but didn't find anything definitive. I've seen 12, 16, 108TB in various places. Is there any reason the HDD capacity would be limited to a certain value by the hardware/file system of...
  2. E

    Nice overview on developments in HDD SSD

    Just read this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomcoughlin/2021/02/07/in-2020-hdd-companies-shipped-over-1zb-of-storage-capacity/?sh=85f07e54894f Toshiba already at 20% market share in HDD. More SSD sold than HDD
  3. D

    Non-zero drive reconnection count on new HDD

    So my older backup NAS, a DS412+ that I repurposed as a backup NAS after upgrading to a newer DS1015+, was starting to run a bit short on space. The existing drives were two HGST 4GB HDDs (HDN724040ALE640), one Toshiba N300 4TB drive (HDWQ140) and a remaining Seagate 3TB drive (ST3000VN000) that...
  4. Robbie

    SSD Volume and HDD Volume on same NAS

    Are their any issues running a pure SSD volume and a pure HDD volume on the same NAS, or will the presence of an HDD volume drag the SSD volume down to spinning rust speed? Eg: Storage Pool 1 / Volume 1 = SSD-only array Storage Pool 2 / Volume 2 = HDD-only array
  5. aGraphicz

    Repair degraded Storage Pool with dead SSD using an HDD

    Hi So long story short: I have a DS920+ with 4 SSDs in. All of them are 1.92TB. I am using SHR. One of the SSD died for the 3rd time so I will replace it. I don't have another SSD right now but I have a 16TB HDD. Can I use it to repair the Storage Pool and then remove/deactivate it so it does...
  6. RoCaRay

    SSD Volume vs. HDD Volume with NVMe Cache

    We're setting up a DS1621xs+ that will be used for: - WebServices/nginx/php Web Application and MetaData Files --- 1GB, performance-sensitive, high-activity, read-write - Media Files --- 15TB, low activity playback, 99% read-only We have on-hand: - 4x12TB Exos HDDs (RAID5 storage pool) - 2x...
  7. A

    HDD Migration from device DS718+ to DS1621+

    Hi I am a relative Newbie. I have setup my DS718+ and it is perfect except for it being only 2 bay. I have a DX517 expansion unit and had put in 2 drives there. I use Surveillance Station, PLEX and use Synology Drive, DS Audio, and Photos. The setup is running nicely. I can move the DS718+...
  8. D

    HDD Compatibility ?

    I’ve a 1019+ fitted with four 3TB WD30efrx in RAID 5, so I decided to expand my drive pool, I got a Seagate Ironwolf 4TB HDD, installed in spare bay, booted up, drive recognised, tried to add it, got error message, system failed to expand with Drive 5, tried secure erase, failed, am I being to...
  9. R

    DS215j HDD Replacement Recommendation

    Hi All, This has probably been answered many times before so I apologise for asking again. Background : I have a DS215j with a single 4TB Seagate Drive which I thought would be future proof when I purchased it 4-5 years ago. It's storage capabilities are far greater than I will ever (ever)...
  10. jeyare

    Info Backblaze HDD stats Q2/2020

    Look here: I will prepare some deep outcomes based on historical BB stats. Some interesting points: - they don’t have SAS drives in their storage farm - no WD drives (except HGST) - no top enterprise level drives in major share - just spindle mentioned
  11. jeyare

    WD How to understand WD HDD colors in their product lines

    this is C+P content from WD community, because I need to show you, how people can describe the “colors” definition of WD HDD: and back to reality: WD discontinued Green HDD product line in 2015 (5y ago) just to be sure. Maybe someone can find them at ebay. WD Green line was moved into Blue...
  12. toxicparrot

    Question HDD Always Active

    Hi I have set up idling times etc. for the fan and HDD activity but the HDD (Single Disk System) is constantly activating even when the PC's are not online. Can anyone suggest a reason please?
  13. T

    2nd USB HDD, 2nd HB task

    Hi, i have a DS916+ and am currently using HyperBackup to perform a nightly backup of the NAS to an external USB3 drive. Been working fine that way for years. (I also have live backup of the NAS to OneDrive). I am toying with the idea of adding a second USB3 drive and scheduling a fortnightly...
  14. jeyare

    Info please don't repair HDD by your self, when you haven't a clue ...

    I have seen this post: this is really big mistake, when some try to replace PCB between two different HDD from diff. models/revisions of same vendor. Recommendation for such problem is - hands off
  15. S

    Hyper Backup to USB HDD takes up most resources of NAS :(

    Since I started anew with a Full NAS backup task to a USB3 HDD I noticed this behaviour again. During the backup process (Local Folder & USB - single version), some of the NAS features simply stop working. In the resource center you "only" see that Disk Activity is very high and Volume Activity...
  16. RoCaRay

    Question HDD for Data Transport

    We will be "formatting / writing / shipping UPS ground across the U.S. / then reading" 6-8TB data. This cycle will repeat 4-6 times per year. I'm looking for advice on selection of a ~12TB (more or less) HDD that would be well suited for the sustained writing part of the cycle, as well as...
  17. Telos

    WD Here come the ambulance chasers !

    Join the class-action suit (keep our lawyers healthy and wealthy)... 🙈 🙊 🙉 Western Digital Lawsuit For Shipping Slower SMR Hard Drives Including WD Red NAS
  18. jeyare

    Seagate official Seagate CRM SRM

    here is a list from official Seagate site with a definition which disk uses what kind of recording technology I miss Part Numbers of the disk, but it's better than nothing, confirmed previously defined IronWolf/Pro as CMR HDD For surveillance purpose is great to know, that SkyHawk/AI is pure...
  19. R

    HDD Selection

    I have a 2 disc Raid 1 system. I know it writes to both HDDs but what disc does it read from? Always 1, always 2 or alternates ? (assuming system knows none of the hdds are bad). If I suspected some files were corrupted on one HDD, is there a way I can force it to either read from 1...
  20. jeyare

    Info Discovering Hard Disk Physical Geometry through Microbenchmarking

    this scientific source by Henry Wong will help you better understand why HDD geometry is important to your operation model