1. P

    Best/fastest way to clone hdd to upgrade capacity

    This may not be the right forum, so I apologize in advance for that. Moderators: please feel free to move this topic to the appropriate section. Upgrading my windows 10 pc that acts as my central media server/hub for all my local LAN stuff. Upgrading some aging hard drives (one was in use for...
  2. C

    How to increase the HDD size of SHR on a DS918+?

    I currently have 4 3TB drives in SHR. If I want to replace them with 4 6TB drives, do I have to add one at a time then rebuild the pool? Thanks
  3. M

    I made a booboo with my HDD purchase for expansion

    Hiya, I started with an 1817+ with 8x4TB WD Red drives in SHR-1. All good. I replaced two 4TB drives with two 10TB WD Red drives later on which gave me an additional 6TB space. All good. Then as money was tight I thought instead of buying another 10TB I'll get something a bit smaller and...
  4. wizard99

    Mixing HDD Types's - EFAX & EFRX

    Taking advantage of the Prime Sale, I ordered a 920+ to replace my 5 year old 215J..... I failed though in looking more closely when I ordered two 3TB WD30EFAX's..... My plan was to use them and the two older 3TB WD30EFRX's from the 215J..... I'm now reading some conflicting threads that say...
  5. paradeiser

    HDD Migration / just swapping drives? (DS916+ > DS920+)

    I'd like to ask the collective experience : I want to upgrade my DS916+ to a new DS920+ No change of HDDs, I just want to take the existing HDDs and move them to the new NAS. (Like I would if my current NAS breaks and I have to do an emergency-replacement of the broken NAS with existing HDDs)...
  6. I

    HDD strategy for new 1621+

    New 1621+ coming in a couple days and I’m trying to figure out which HDD’s to use and which RAID configuration. It’s replacing an old DS412+ with 4x4TB HGST 7200RPM drives. I was initially planning for 8TB drives but the the cost of anything above 6TB has skyrocketed in the last couple weeks...
  7. F

    USB file sharing ONLY - currently on DS213J (noisy HDD)

    Hi, I recently bought a DS213J which I'm using solely with an external USB device which has super/ military grade security. In a silent room the DS213J is very noisy, presumably due to it's disks. I'm not using disks for storage, although I understand they hold the OS. I have adjusted power...
  8. D

    New DS1520+ lots of problems, lots of questions, (wont hibernate, cant upload, hdd knocks)

    I set up my nas yesterday, it seemed to be ok but then bad stuff started happening. not sure if it's faulty or what but I'm having some problems. I wanted to use it as a home seedbox mostly. 1. most annoying problem, there is a knocking sound every 3-5 seconds even when HDD is doing nothing at...
  9. C

    DS1815+ ; new HDD getting plugged out while repairing

    Hi All, I am new to synology box. We are using 3TB * 8 drives on DS1815+, all the other 7 drives are fine; but i got one drive replaced as the older one had 1900 bad sectors The newly replaced drive WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 (3TB Red) is getting plugged out while in repairing mode. Unable to run SMART...
  10. D

    Add an HDD from an old Synology to an existing 3617xs and use the Data

    Hello, is there a way to transfer an HDD from one Synology which was used as Data HDD (no system on it) to an existing/running 3617xs and use it right away? Or is there just the way to copy - that would be insane to copy 10TB of data instead of just using it as it is... Thanks for all advices...
  11. sktn77a

    Max HDD size on DS218play?

    Hello: Anybody know what the maximum HDD capacity of my DS218play is? Tried a search of the forum and Google but didn't find anything definitive. I've seen 12, 16, 108TB in various places. Is there any reason the HDD capacity would be limited to a certain value by the hardware/file system of...
  12. E

    Nice overview on developments in HDD SSD

    Just read this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomcoughlin/2021/02/07/in-2020-hdd-companies-shipped-over-1zb-of-storage-capacity/?sh=85f07e54894f Toshiba already at 20% market share in HDD. More SSD sold than HDD
  13. D

    Non-zero drive reconnection count on new HDD

    So my older backup NAS, a DS412+ that I repurposed as a backup NAS after upgrading to a newer DS1015+, was starting to run a bit short on space. The existing drives were two HGST 4GB HDDs (HDN724040ALE640), one Toshiba N300 4TB drive (HDWQ140) and a remaining Seagate 3TB drive (ST3000VN000) that...
  14. Robbie

    SSD Volume and HDD Volume on same NAS

    Are their any issues running a pure SSD volume and a pure HDD volume on the same NAS, or will the presence of an HDD volume drag the SSD volume down to spinning rust speed? Eg: Storage Pool 1 / Volume 1 = SSD-only array Storage Pool 2 / Volume 2 = HDD-only array
  15. aGraphicz

    Repair degraded Storage Pool with dead SSD using an HDD

    Hi So long story short: I have a DS920+ with 4 SSDs in. All of them are 1.92TB. I am using SHR. One of the SSD died for the 3rd time so I will replace it. I don't have another SSD right now but I have a 16TB HDD. Can I use it to repair the Storage Pool and then remove/deactivate it so it does...
  16. RoCaRay

    SSD Volume vs. HDD Volume with NVMe Cache

    We're setting up a DS1621xs+ that will be used for: - WebServices/nginx/php Web Application and MetaData Files --- 1GB, performance-sensitive, high-activity, read-write - Media Files --- 15TB, low activity playback, 99% read-only We have on-hand: - 4x12TB Exos HDDs (RAID5 storage pool) - 2x...
  17. A

    HDD Migration from device DS718+ to DS1621+

    Hi I am a relative Newbie. I have setup my DS718+ and it is perfect except for it being only 2 bay. I have a DX517 expansion unit and had put in 2 drives there. I use Surveillance Station, PLEX and use Synology Drive, DS Audio, and Photos. The setup is running nicely. I can move the DS718+...
  18. D

    HDD Compatibility ?

    I’ve a 1019+ fitted with four 3TB WD30efrx in RAID 5, so I decided to expand my drive pool, I got a Seagate Ironwolf 4TB HDD, installed in spare bay, booted up, drive recognised, tried to add it, got error message, system failed to expand with Drive 5, tried secure erase, failed, am I being to...
  19. R

    DS215j HDD Replacement Recommendation

    Hi All, This has probably been answered many times before so I apologise for asking again. Background : I have a DS215j with a single 4TB Seagate Drive which I thought would be future proof when I purchased it 4-5 years ago. It's storage capabilities are far greater than I will ever (ever)...
  20. jeyare

    Info Backblaze HDD stats Q2/2020

    Look here: I will prepare some deep outcomes based on historical BB stats. Some interesting points: - they don’t have SAS drives in their storage farm - no WD drives (except HGST) - no top enterprise level drives in major share - just spindle mentioned