1. S

    HDD change 2TB -> 4TB

    Hello I have a problem. Tried to get help from Synology, but they replied that it is out of their range. I have changed old 2TB HDD to brand new 4TB. Made exact copy and put inside DS (211+). Everything works fine, but there is only 2TB available to use on 4TB disk. Old HDD was MBR disk and so...
  2. D

    When to replace an aging HDD?

    Some of my oldest NAS HDDs currently in use (Seagate ST3000VN000's, from before they got the IronWolf brand name) have been in continuous use for over 5 years. Thus far they've served very well, but given HDD failure rates tend to exhibit a u-shape, with failure rates starting to rise around 5...
  3. C

    Resetting Dsm without wiping hdd

    Hey guys. Just wondering if I can reset dsm without wiping hard drives. Also can I get dsm to use the data on the disks after install. Thanks
  4. iStone

    Question HDD mixed with SSD (for DS412+)

    SSD is now almost the same price as HDD e.g. 1 TB, I am thinking about to replace one HDD( No.1) with SSD, does it make sense? any complication? Benefits I would expect is noise reduction/ speed, but has concerns if incompatibility on speed chock or jam? please share your thoughts? ------...
  5. wwwampy

    Added 2 more discs to 4-bay NAS - not initialized?

    I had 2 discs in my 4-bay DS418play. Today I've added another 2, but it says Not initialized: Do I need to do anything after adding them?
  6. wwwampy

    NAS HDD hibernation - yes or no?

    A popular question, just wondering what you guys think. Currently, I have it set to 20 min (default). Is it ok? Does this on/off cycles hurt drives?
  7. wwwampy

    Question Adding last 2 discs to 4-bay NAS

    I ordered the last 2 WD red discs (finally) for my DS418play to fill up my NAS. So, I just add them one-by-one and that's it? What about RAID? It's ok to leave SHR? Thank you for your help.