1. S

    Hyper Backup to USB HDD takes up most resources of NAS :(

    Since I started anew with a Full NAS backup task to a USB3 HDD I noticed this behaviour again. During the backup process (Local Folder & USB - single version), some of the NAS features simply stop working. In the resource center you "only" see that Disk Activity is very high and Volume Activity...
  2. RoCaRay

    Question HDD for Data Transport

    We will be "formatting / writing / shipping UPS ground across the U.S. / then reading" 6-8TB data. This cycle will repeat 4-6 times per year. I'm looking for advice on selection of a ~12TB (more or less) HDD that would be well suited for the sustained writing part of the cycle, as well as...
  3. Telos

    WD Here come the ambulance chasers !

    Join the class-action suit (keep our lawyers healthy and wealthy)... 🙈 🙊 🙉 Western Digital Lawsuit For Shipping Slower SMR Hard Drives Including WD Red NAS
  4. jeyare

    official Seagate CRM SRM

    here is a list from official Seagate site with a definition which disk uses what kind of recording technology I miss Part Numbers of the disk, but it's better than nothing, confirmed previously defined IronWolf/Pro as CMR HDD For surveillance purpose is great to know, that SkyHawk/AI is pure...
  5. R

    HDD Selection

    I have a 2 disc Raid 1 system. I know it writes to both HDDs but what disc does it read from? Always 1, always 2 or alternates ? (assuming system knows none of the hdds are bad). If I suspected some files were corrupted on one HDD, is there a way I can force it to either read from 1...
  6. jeyare

    Info Discovering Hard Disk Physical Geometry through Microbenchmarking

    this scientific source by Henry Wong will help you better understand why HDD geometry is important to your operation model
  7. Telos

    WD HDD naming obsfucation?

    It appears that WD has stepped away from EFRX/EFAX and now offers a new naming convention for retail NAS (red) drives. For example, WDBMMA0040HNC-NRSN ... where the highlighted digits represent the nominal capacity. Internal Drives for Retail | Western Digital | Western Digital Any word on...
  8. T

    Migrate from DS418 to DS918+ - possible with HDD swap?

    Hi all I've a DS418 with 4x4TB drives in an SHR volume. File system is ext4. The DS418 is running DSM 6.2. Main use is a file server for videos and photos. I'm looking to purchase a DS918+ to take advantage of more power and upgradeable RAM to hopefully speed up thumbnail creation etc. Looking...
  9. jeyare

    Seems to be - something happened in HDD vendor's product descriptions (CMR/SMR)

    from my 2 days research I have better overview, what HDD was created with CMR and what with SMR technology (not only for NASes). Seems to be two main HDD vendors - Seagate and Western Digital have prepared new NAS product white sheets with clear information about used technology for a magnetic...
  10. SynoMan

    Toshiba NAS drive vendor: Toshiba

    Read more... ....on official site Please open a new thread for comments or discussions and select the thread prefix Toshiba.
  11. SynoMan

    WD NAS drive vendor: Western Digital (WD)

    Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Solid State Drive (SSD) Read more... on official site Read more... on official site Please open a new thread for comments or discussions and select the thread prefix WD.
  12. SynoMan

    Seagate NAS drive vendor: Seagate

    Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Solid State Drive (SSD) Read more... on official site Read more... on official site Please open a new thread for comments or discussions and select the thread prefix Seagate.
  13. jeyare

    HDD basic for all. Simple guide when SMR HDD is useful and for whom

    You can start with reading of these blogs in our forum: Blog, 1st part Blog, 2nd part
  14. jeyare

    Blog Panic around the SMR HDDs. Or just well thought out marketing (from/for whom)? Part No.1 (2)

    Part No.1 ------------------------------ Intro: It looks like in April 2020, a specific topic regarding HDDs has become the talk of the town for many forums. The base for this topic are three mysterious letters or rather an acronym called „SMR“ - Shingled magnetic recording. The craze about SMR...
  15. RoCaRay

    High Elevation (7500ft +) Shortening HDD Lifespan?

    Has anyone else worked with Synology NAS / HDDs at high elevation? I'd be interested in hearing your experience with HDD lifespan - particularly arising from cooling issues. Until recently, I lived in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming - I still remote-manage a couple NAS located there. Over the...
  16. S

    HDD change 2TB -> 4TB

    Hello I have a problem. Tried to get help from Synology, but they replied that it is out of their range. I have changed old 2TB HDD to brand new 4TB. Made exact copy and put inside DS (211+). Everything works fine, but there is only 2TB available to use on 4TB disk. Old HDD was MBR disk and so...
  17. D

    When to replace an aging HDD?

    Some of my oldest NAS HDDs currently in use (Seagate ST3000VN000's, from before they got the IronWolf brand name) have been in continuous use for over 5 years. Thus far they've served very well, but given HDD failure rates tend to exhibit a u-shape, with failure rates starting to rise around 5...
  18. C

    Resetting Dsm without wiping hdd

    Hey guys. Just wondering if I can reset dsm without wiping hard drives. Also can I get dsm to use the data on the disks after install. Thanks
  19. iStone

    Question HDD mixed with SSD (for DS412+)

    SSD is now almost the same price as HDD e.g. 1 TB, I am thinking about to replace one HDD( No.1) with SSD, does it make sense? any complication? Benefits I would expect is noise reduction/ speed, but has concerns if incompatibility on speed chock or jam? please share your thoughts? ------...
  20. wwwampy

    Added 2 more discs to 4-bay NAS - not initialized?

    I had 2 discs in my 4-bay DS418play. Today I've added another 2, but it says Not initialized: Do I need to do anything after adding them?