1. R

    DS420j... is there way to see when a hdd went into hibernation?

    heya so in the logs you can only see when a hdd woke up from hibernation... is there a way to see as to when a disk went into hibernation? im curious to know the length of time between both these events... hdd into hibernation -> wake up from hibernation cheers
  2. B

    Selective hibernation?

    Hi folks, I have a DS413j which I currently use only as storage for my media player. The data is used mostly during weekend nights or if I upload something off my PC during the week. I've set disk hibernation to 60 minutes which seems to work fine - the less hours the drives clock in, the...
  3. R

    DS420j is not putting disks into HDD hibernation... how to resolve this/find more details as whats causing it?

    heya so i just got my hands on a DS420j and im finding that the HDDs are not going into hibernation. latest DSM installed - DSM 7.0-41890 i have a power meter connected so i can see that its using around 28-30W. After waiting the allocated time of 10min im expecting that to drop to the stated...
  4. nemo081

    DSM 7.0 Two problem: Download manager and Hibernation

    Hello everyone. I have installed in slot1, 1 SSD (Volume 1): DSM 7 and all apps. I have installed in slot2, 1 HDD (Volume 2): download folder and videos. 1- I wanted to move the temporary folder of DownloadManager to the second HD in the folder Download\temp. Every time I go to ...
  5. wwwampy

    NAS HDD hibernation - yes or no?

    A popular question, just wondering what you guys think. Currently, I have it set to 20 min (default). Is it ok? Does this on/off cycles hurt drives?