1. Telos

    Cloudflare Tunnel to NAS (HTTPS vs HTTP)

    I'm attempting to end port-forwarding and using Cloudflare tunnels to do so. But connecting to the NAS seems odd to me. Some background... Presently I use RP to reach my NAS DSM login. For example, in a browser URL I enter: RP "translates" this as...
  2. WST16

    Redirect web station nginx http to https (vDSM7)?

    Hi, I gave up on making Apache run on my vDSM 7 (I’m more familiar with Apache’s htaccess), but whatever. Anyone knows how to redirect 80 to 443 for web station websites? Searching the internets, I found a few things that didn’t work.
  3. RoCaRay

    Access Media Server (indexed video folder) via Web Station / http

    DS1621xs with: - Web Station (currently Nginx, PHP) and the 'web' shared folder on an SSD storage pool for performance - Media Server 'video' shared folder (indexed) on an HDD storage pool for capacity I would like to serve 'video' files via web browser / http using a home-brew PHP app, while...
  4. wizard99

    R2600- Change HTTP to HTTPS

    I've recently changed from "Non-Secure HTTP" to "Secure HTTPS" for my 215J. This was not a easy task as I had attempted to perform this numerous times prior with the result being locked out. After following all the instructions, and being pleasantly surprised that the software "Automatically"...
  5. S

    This site can't be reached issue

    Happy New Year to everyone (Posting this on 1st Jan 2021) Steps Implemented 1. Took a static IP from Internet Provider 2. Registered a domain from (let us consider 3. Created the below DNS records @ ionos (Masking the ip address and domain name) 4. Installed DNS Server...
  6. M

    ASUS AC88U and DS920+ https upload speed

    Hello Everyone, I need a piece of advice. I am not sure what is wrong but maybe you can help me. I used to have(still do but upgraded her) 4th Gen TimeCapsule as my router at home. With 920+ I thought it was time to upgrade the router so I went with Asus AC88U because it is faster and offers...
  7. Rusty

    Tutorial http to https redirect

    This will be a quick tutorial on http to https redirect for all of you using Synology reverse proxy (usually in a combination with Docker containers) or in general any means to host any content on your NAS. Why is http to https needed? Well for one it will force any attempts to access your...