1. fredbert

    Info If you want to block iCloud Private Relay at home

    One of the features of Apple's iCloud subscription is the (beta) Private Relay. This is in effect a VPN service for Safari web browser and Mail app. As far as I can see. Once the feature is enabled in iOS 15 / macOS Monterey it will bypass any filtering that you've implemented at home, and...
  2. S

    DSM 7.0 “Unsupported File Type” for All Items in a Windows 10 Synced iCloud Photo Library

    Hello Synology Friends! I recently acquired a new 1821+ and set up Active Backup on my Windows machines. The backup tasks appear to be executing fine. Today I decided to test and verify the backups. Most of the backed up items seem intact and are able to be browsed/downloaded/restored from the...