1. WST16

    The worst 11 business ideas
  2. C


    For 15 year I was using a Seagate Goflex drive for backing up important files, "Family photos, program settings and such." Recently it gave up and I started researching options and came across Synology NAS. Took a little work setting up but resolved everything and it seems to be working. I was...
  3. BiggPerci

    Solved Active Backup restore to SSD fails - any ideas

    Hi, I have encountered an issue with Active Backup, I have a few ideas but nothing concrete, has anyone else had issue that restoring to SSD fails? I have backup from 1TB drive, partitioned off to 160Gb and is GPT. I have restored this image to spinning disks smaller than 1TB but my only...
  4. jeyare

    Question Synology improvements list from users = additional Forum value

    Gents, what about open special topic related to summary of recommendation for Synology (list of recommendations/improvements/ideas for Syno APS, HW). I think, there we have some good ideas. Seems to be in General topic, but isolated and visible. Then we can open this kind of communication to...