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    How to automatize MailPlus Server IMAP Migration Task

    Hello, So, this is my situation. I can't access Gmail in my work. So, I managed to install MailPlus Server in my Synology NAS, create a Migration Task that toke lots of hours via IMAP. Now I have all my Gmail emails, tag and everything in my MailPlus account, which I can access from work. Now...
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    Problem imap mailplus server

    Hi I have a problem with Mailplus Server. mailplus server is working well in LAN. But I try to connect to th NAS from Internet with thunderbird; I can't to get the emails. However I can send emails but I can't received nothing. thundebird don't received folder, emails, nothing. It can't connect...
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    IMAP Problems after September Update

    I have a severe Problem since a September update of the Mailserver. I cannot move Mails from other Sources to my mailbox on my Synology via IMAP. I use the latest Updates on DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3 . I don't get any error message. It worked all for years and it stills works fine between...