1. t4ir1

    App permissions and indexing

    Hello all, I am facing problems having my Moments app working properly for a non-admin account. I searched and various places and none of the solutions offered helped me so I hope some expert that might come upon my post, might help me. Finger crossed. My DS1621+ integrates a domain and we use...
  2. AdrianEarnshaw

    Indexing Folders

    Hey all, Something strange for you to get your grey matter working on. I have my music folder all setup and it is being indexed whenever I add new albums to the folder. These tracks automatically show up in Audio Station. However, I have AirSonic pulling my podcasts and downloading them to a...
  3. EdouardK

    DSM 6.2.3 Can't stop indexing anymore

    Since I upgraded to vesrion 6.2.3 I can't stop/pause indexing anymore. When I select the pause button, after a few seconds the pause icon comes back and indexing continues...