1. Imcon

    Solved How to reconnects PC/Physical Server when Certificate changes?

    Recently activated Network Interface bond (LAN1+LAN2 but the IP stays the same) but from then the Active Backup machines are out of connection to the DSM (to theit tasks at Active Backup). Any idea how to reconnect them from NAS side? I guess it will be possible by reinstalling/reactivating...
  2. akahan

    https access to Tautulli web interface?

    I am having trouble getting https (SSL) (with Let's Encrypt certs) access to the Tautulli web interface to work under Docker. Here's what I have done; where did I go wrong? Installed Tautulli, web access is at port 8181, and using http it works just fine using...
  3. WST16

    John Gruber is viscerally offended

    I like John Gruber. An old one but I remembered it when we spoke about bad design the other day…