1. Y

    Failed to run containers

    Hi, I hope you are well, my question is as follows: I recently changed the network interface of my dsm from 192xxx to 10. After then, no container will operate. When I connect to portainer and click on any container, a pop-up window with the old address 192.xxxx appears. Could you help tell me...
  2. C

    VMM, Open vSwitch and Bonded Interface

    Hi All, I have installed VMM on my DS920 and about to click through but I need to enable open vswitch. As I have had a bonded interface for as long as i can remember, will this cause an issue??? What are other doing in terms of the dual nic's and setup ? Cheers capthedge
  3. L

    DSM 7.0 Will DSM7 allow specific apps or ports to route through a specific Network Interface / VPN?

    Will DSM finally add this much needed, much requested feature? No clue why Synology has ignored the user base and not added this in DSM6
  4. S

    Read Only Permission Web Interface

    Hi All, Is it possible to give a user read only access to the Synology web management portal? I specifically want to allow a user to be able to log into the web portal and view the Beep Control options under Hardware & Power as I need the user to be able to check what the cause of the beep is...
  5. Z

    Question Reverse Proxy for subdomain redirects to main DSM interface

    Hello everyone, I've had a DS1019+ for several months and everything has been working just great. I have set DSM to be available on two non-standard ports (12344 and 12345) and have reverse proxy set up so that I can access it at Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration | Mydomain and all other...
  6. tekguru

    HTTPS interface and Microsoft Edge

    Is it just me, or....... but when I try to access the HTTPS UI logon page in Microsoft Edge the browser does not allow it to be viewed at all. I know other browsers say it is insecure but give you an option to proceed, it seems Edge (on Mac at least) doesn't. If there is a work around I can't...
  7. Imcon

    Solved How to reconnects PC/Physical Server when Certificate changes?

    Recently activated Network Interface bond (LAN1+LAN2 but the IP stays the same) but from then the Active Backup machines are out of connection to the DSM (to theit tasks at Active Backup). Any idea how to reconnect them from NAS side? I guess it will be possible by reinstalling/reactivating...
  8. akahan

    https access to Tautulli web interface?

    I am having trouble getting https (SSL) (with Let's Encrypt certs) access to the Tautulli web interface to work under Docker. Here's what I have done; where did I go wrong? Installed Tautulli, web access is at port 8181, and using http it works just fine using...
  9. WST16

    John Gruber is viscerally offended

    I like John Gruber. An old one but I remembered it when we spoke about bad design the other day…