1. jason4bury

    User introduction Hello To Everyone

    Hi, DS218+ user here. Looking forward to using the forum.
  2. M

    User introduction Greetings to all Synofants! 😊

    New to the group! Hope to have some great discussions here going forward and get/receive help whenever needed! Let’s also celebrate those taking their first Syno for a spin! 😎👍🏻
  3. StableHour8649

    User introduction Greetings, glad to be here

    Hello fellow Synology Users. Glad we have a place to exchange ideas and assistance. Looking forward to contributing and hopefully finding those with similar issues and solutions.
  4. B

    User introduction New member

    Hi, guys, just new here but I'm using Synology products quite a long time now... ;) Thanks for accepting me in the forum.
  5. marco

    User introduction One year!

    Hello, today is my first anniversary! One year in this forum 😄🎉🥂
  6. boutros55

    User introduction New form member

    Greetings, oh wise ones. I am hoping to learn some tips from you before I delve into the world of NAS.
  7. E

    User introduction hi from Aust.

    Hi everyone Glad to be a part of this forum. I have been using synology NAS products for many years, in a medical imaging setting. Syno has been our primary PACS storage device for heart images in a cardiology clinic, and a backup DICOM PACS server. I have recently started utilising the ABB...
  8. C

    User introduction A newbie

    Hello I just joined the forum :)
  9. U

    User introduction Hello! Finally on a Synology DS920+

    Hi, I'm moving from an old HP N36L running FreeNAS to a nice shiny new Synology DS920+ mainly to run my PLEX server I'm not totally green, but I'll be looking for some guidance from time to time especially when it comes to the best way to move all of my files on the old server over to the new...
  10. Fortran

    User introduction Hi there

    Hi all - have just joined up. I'm an IT admin and dev focussing on Linux systems and db administration. Have been tinkering with NASs for a while now and am currently running a self-built box based around Ubuntu server LTS. I don't currently run any Synology boxen but this will inevitably change...
  11. NewUser

    User introduction Learning the ropes

    I recently bought and installed a DS1621+. I'm gradually reading and using the services. It's quite a learning curve, but i'm sure I'll get there.
  12. H

    User introduction Started with Synology Disk Station

    Since May 2022 I have a DS220+. As I am loving Duplicati as backup tool, I have setup it inside of Docker and installed the autorun package. At external USB disk turn-on the docker container is started, several backups with Duplicati, controlled via the Duplicati command line interface, are...
  13. J

    User introduction New here but not new in the topic

    Hi guys, I am from the centre of Germany, I did start in 2015 for my own needs with a 1515+, then switched to a DS1715 and a DS414 as a geo-redundant backup location. In the meanwhile I shifted and lifted two small companies away from small businesses server ( Windows OS ) over to RS3617RPxs...
  14. Pesonkmamen

    User introduction Im Happy

    Hello guys, in from Indonesia Im happy can joint in this forum. Thanks n regards
  15. J

    User introduction New Old Guy Here.

    Been using Synology DSM's for almost a year now. 4 clients and my own dsm. These things are amazing. I've been IT since 1989. First pc had 384kb ram and 2 floppy drives at 360k each!! DOS 2.0 I still use CMD.exe more than not. Networks and Security are my forte. Finally got around to...
  16. J

    User introduction Hello all (DFS920+ DS918+ DS414j)

    Hi, I just joined - I've got three Synology NAS devices at home, a DS918+ and DS920+ both with 4x18TB SHR2 and a DS414j that has 4x4TB and really isn't being used any more, All running DSM 7.1. As a day job I'm a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google. I've been building and running Linux...
  17. N

    User introduction Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone I am a new synology NAS user and had my DS218+ for just on 2 years now and loving it!... I am a self taught PC enthusiast, running a small business and using the NAS for backups and over small server related options. I watch NAS compares youtube vids for a lot of advice and help...
  18. D

    User introduction Dab

    Hello all, I'm new here but not new ton Synology, I have around 10-20 syno nas at small customers offices. I'm in Belgium (Europe) Thanks in advance for sharing ideas
  19. B

    User introduction Hi all

    Hi guys thanks for the add, I'm a photographer who uses A NAS daily
  20. E

    User introduction Into - Like the idea of learning/helping with others.

    Hi, For introduction I have had a Synology for a few years. ( DS1019+, 5 bays x 8TB) Retired at home. I have an ok general understanding, but need more help with deeper configuration especially for remote access and backups. I have a particular interest in Photo management, but not quite smooth...