1. D

    User introduction Hi everyone

    I'm a newbie. I've owned a ds218play for about 6 months. I've learned a lot (mostly from YouTube) in a relatively short period, and I look forward to learning much more
  2. O

    User introduction Hello everybody, new to NAS

    Hello everyone, got me a DS220+ a couple of weeks ago. Started configuring a little bit and have a few things working but also much unclear. Looking forward to learning on this forum. Cheers!
  3. J

    User introduction Hi There

    Just got entry level DS218j. Upgrading from old Netgear ReadyNas, seeing what newer technology can offer.
  4. B

    User introduction Hello To All...

    I am saying hello, and giving thanks to all future help I receive, but also making a first post so I can edit my account details and profile, as directed. I accidentally put in that I own an RT6600. I do not, as of yet, but I will. I cannot find those details, such as the many Synology NAS...
  5. M

    User introduction Hello!

    Hello. I own a DS220+, and I mostly use it as a Plex server. Looking to get the RT6600ax 👀
  6. A

    User introduction Hello everyone

    I am just a normal user with interest in Synology products. Bybye. Amenotis
  7. framp

    User introduction Raspberry enthusiast joining

    Hi folks, I primarily use my DS418Play as a LAN Server to keep all my personal documents, scans, photos, videos and so on. In order to create backups of my local Raspberries I also wrote and maintain raspiBackup which makes sure I have a recent backup on my DS just in case the SD card dies or...
  8. LatersGator

    User introduction Hi All

    Hello all. I've been using a NAS along time as a media share and backup for music files and photos. All was working fine. Until I decided to update my aging 410 with a new and apparently fully compatible dsm. Thought I should do it as the old thing had Been working well without a grumble...
  9. Fredo

    User introduction User of multiple Synology NAS - now with DS1621+

    Hi, I have been using Synology for 12 years. First with a DS411+ model which is still functional; I recently changed my fan. Professionally I use two DS1621+ models with which I am very satisfied. I had a very bad experience with the DS1515 models before; two times! There have already been...
  10. G

    User introduction Multi-year Synology user expanding capabilities

    I've used a DS110j for backup of a few clients for ... umm ... 10 years. Recently transitioned to a DS218+ to gain speed and capabilities. Working great!
  11. Eddie

    User introduction Longtime Drobo fan, now moving to Synology!

    Hello! After using Drobo's for the last 12+ years I have finally found a new home in Synology! Given that it seems that Drobo Inc. is pretty much a dead duck I've felt it prudent to move over to a company that at least still sells their products! :) Just bought a DS1621+ which seems a nice...
  12. guvner

    User introduction Happy I found you!

    Hi everyone! :)👋 Long time Synology user here, I started with a 1010+ many moons ago, added an 1817+ about 4 years ago and a 920+ just recently. Sadly I had gradually become complacent with the 1817 and wasn't paying enough attention - it just worked so I pretty much ignored it. Then about 3...
  13. philthedoc

    User introduction Another new DS920+ User

    Hello! I've been benefitting from this forum a lot recently, so I decided to join. I have loads of questions about my DS920+, particularly around external access to my 79,000 photos.
  14. aussiemartin

    User introduction 920+ owner of 7 months - Hi there

    Just found your forum via Google since I got some issues with Docker and running wine on it But really ... Hi to all, from a new member
  15. jardine737

    User introduction 61 Year old starting his NAS journey

    Quick hello to everyone With 2 Macs and 2 iPads in the home, all full of documents, family memories, photos etc, I've realised I really need to get everything organised and backed up etc. So, I'm entering the world of Synology NAS for the first time. I'm starting out with the DS220+ with two...
  16. Suburban Nerd

    User introduction New member with a 920+

    Hello all. I'm Jim from Houston, TX. I just bought a 920+ yesterday and filled it with 4x14TB Western Digital WD140EDFZ shucked from Best Buy WD Easystore external drives. So far, I've installed the latest Plex Media Server and loaded up all of my movies. I'm looking forward to seeing what else...
  17. F

    User introduction Hello

    Hi Everyone!
  18. Frizera

    User introduction New user with Synology DS920+

    Hello everyone! My name is Frizera. After many years of faithful service, I decided to retire mine Nas4free 4x3TB home use server, which I assembled myself and put in a box Cooler Master with 2 fans. It is too weak anymore and I was never able to use remote connectivity with my files saved on...
  19. Gene

    User introduction Recently joined and now cannot find the question I submitted

    Greetings, I have a DS920+ with a DX517 expansion unit. I have 4x4TB IronWolf Pro in the 920+ and 5x16TB IronWolf Pro in the DX517. This is used in my home. I joined on February 11, 2022 and posted a question. I corresponded with several people for a couple of days and now I am trying to find...
  20. pjgtech

    User introduction Noob just saying hello

    Hi, noob here, but not to computers. Used to build my own gaming pc's, like to tinker a bit, am fairly competent, but no expert. Hopefully will get some good advice here. I have an issue with my NAS, I will post a further message in the appropriate place. Thanx