1. S

    DSM 7.1 [RT6600ax] Unable to reach internal NAS or printer or IoT devices

    Hi, I am having issues accessing internal devices over VPN. I have four VLAN's on my RT6600ax router 1. Primary Network - Personal Laptops, phones and NAS. Disabled AP isolation 2. Guest Network - Enabled AP isolation 3. IoT network - Has all IoT devices including Homekit devices, TV and...
  2. monfrair

    segregation of iot devices on network

    Been researching a way to segregate iot devices onto my guest network without having to reenter all passwords onto devices. I have looked all over the net for an easy way to do this but can find anything. I have the rt2600ac with several rt2200ac mesh routers. The rt2600 is my gateway. I don't...