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  1. A

    IP Camera brand for compatibility with Surveillance Station

    Hi all, Looking to start fiddling around with home security and IP cameras. Going to see if I can make use of my synology NAS 412+ and the survelliance station application. There is a long list of compatible cameras. Being a novice when it comes to IP camera's, was hoping you could all...
  2. S

    Question Motion Detection Recording & Simultaneous Continuous Recording seemed to work fine yesterday, but not today...

    Hey, recently I decided to make the switch from using Nest Smart Cams to using a WiFi based IP cam with RTSP capability so I had more control over my cam & didn't have to be tied to a subscription. When I set it up yesterday, (all I did was connect it via the 'IP Camera' app in Surveillance...
  3. WST16

    Question Hikvision NVRs or NVRs in general?

    Anyone with experience of using NVRs with IP cameras? I’m thinking of replacing my SS with a dedicated NVR. For the price of less than two SS licenses (which I need), I can buy a dedicated NVR (without storage). Appreciate sharing any experience. Thanks.