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    İSCSI Lun delete rs2414+

    Hello, I have Synology rs2414+ Nas device DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3, I have some capacity problem. It has 4TB Thick iSCSI LUN on it. I think when I delete lun I will regain capacity. My question: 1) Can I safely increase capacity without data loss when I delete Lun? (I do not have the...
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    startup and shutdown order for virtual machines and iscsi services

    I have been working with virtual machines on a DiskStation. The machines act as iSCSI initiators for targets provided by the DiskStation SAN Manager. I recently posted a question related to this subject. More recently, I encountered an issue relating to boot and shutdown order. When shutting...
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    device order of logical volumes (LUNs) in active iSCSI sessions

    I recently tried to add a logical volume to a live iSCSI session. Through the San Manager in DSM, I provisioned the volume and mapped it to an existing iSCSI target. I then requested the iSCSI initiatiator (Open-iSCSI on Linux, managed through iscsiadm), rescan the target for new devices. This...
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    iSCSI LUN backup to encrypted folder?

    Is it possible to make hyper backup task which will backup iSCSI LUN to encrypted folder? It appears that it is possible to backup folder (encrypted or not) to unencrypted folder. It also appers that it is possible to backup LUN to unencrypted folder. And, it also appears that it is possible...