1. A

    Bypass ISP restrictions

    Good day everyone, For quite some time I am looking for suggestions on bypassing ISP restrictions, while connecting from remote location to the NAS. So I have quite a lot of work files and some personal ones I am usually accessing while working. Since I have separate internet connetion at...
  2. NAS Newbie

    This guy started his own fiber ISP...

    This guy got tired of poor internet in a rural area and so started his own ISP so he could lay fiber cable. Certainly puts my home network to shame.
  3. I

    External acces to NAS behind ISP NAT and home-router NAT (double NAT)

    Hello I've spent 2 weeks trying to configure external access for my NAS without success. Neither WebDav, nor FTP nor VPN works from my office network to the NAS. Inside my home network everything works, WebDav, FTP, VPN. However my goal would be to map a network drive on my computer in the...
  4. WST16

    Info Outbound ports tester

    This kind gentleman is running a simple website that allows you to test if outbound ports are open by listening to them. Very useful when you need to know if your ISP is blocking an outbound port you’re trying to use (like SMTP, port 25 for mail server outbound traffic for example). Note the...