1. 1

    SSD-only array: JBOD vs RAID

    Hi everyone, As a Christmas present to myself :p, I've ordered a DS620slim with 3 x 4TB WD Red SA500 SSDs in order to retire my DS216+II as a backup NAS. I'm really looking forward to the almost-silence and the performance gain, but am a bit unsure on how to configure the volume. Let me...
  2. Micky


    Hi, I'm using my DS211j as a backup device with two Seagate HDD (ST32000644NS), each 1.8 TB in size, configured as JBOD. Currently only used about 900 GB. Now, DSM reports that one of those harddisks is critical. Can I simply remove the faulty one and run the DS with the remaining one or will...
  3. M

    Upgrade 1 of the disks in a DS214play

    Hello Forum users and thanks in advance for any advice. My DS214play holds 2 3Tb WD RED discks configured as 1 storage pool with Synology JBOD. It's used for file and media storage and playback. The storage is nearly full and I'm happy with the performance so don't otherwise need to upgrade the...