1. A

    DSM 7.0 Video Station TMDB API key problem

    Hello, I'm still new to the NAS world and I've been enjoying dabbling with it this year. Mine is mostly a media server for the household. As you know the media info plugin recently changed. I followed the instructions and created my own TMDB API key. Previously, inside of VS, this API key would...
  2. S

    Is the Unifi Cloud Key Gen2+ a bad product?

    I think it is. Last week it stopped working, wouldn't power at all. After a certain research, it transpires that the batteries expand (as per the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy) and die, thus rendering the graceful shutdown inoperable. I expect this happened some time ago and I simply didn't detect...
  3. S

    Confused about shared folder encryption key

    I've tried to dig up as much as I can on setup and use of shared folder encryption keys, and I'm still confused as my NAS isn't treating them as I expect from reading Synology's guidance as well as various posts here. Based on this thread: Synology NAS Encryption: Forensic Analysis of Synology...
  4. degoogler

    DSM 7.0 Anyone get passwordless key-based SSH access to work in DSM 7?

    Has anyone figured out how to get SSH keys working (passwordless shell access) with DSM 7? It seems to operate differently than DSM 6 in this regard, and my searches haven't turned up anything new specific to DSM 7.