1. N

    NFS not working on KODI

    Hello, I had DMS 6.2 on my DS218+ until yesterday. I operated this NAS with my TV on which I have KODI. Yesterday I decided to go for the new version 7.1 Almost everything works for me after the migration. All SMB shared drives on PC work. I can also access the SMB data on the TV. But KODI...
  2. U

    WebDAV and Kodi

    Hi I upgraded yesterday to DSM7. Now, I cannot get kodi on my firestick to see my nas at all. I have the ports etc open, but kodi just cannot see the NAS. As a test, i added the same details to infuse on my ipad, and that can see the folder structure. any thoughts? Thx folks
  3. K

    Kodi and Plex Questions

    I recently upgraded my DS418Play to DSM7. I have 2 seperate questions. WheI have a heap of additional folders (assuming System Folders). E.g. @appconf @USBCopy etc. These never used to show up.... so I am curious if I have done something in the update (have updated Plex in the process too) On...
  4. marco

    App Weemple Video Tools - Movie and TV Renamer for many media players 1.8.0

    Hello! As you know, Video Station, Plex and others media players, have the ability to automatically associate the video metadata from an online catalog, based on the file name. So is important to have the movies and the tv shows following the naming convention of the player, and is also...