lan network for nas

A LAN-free backup is a backup of server data to a shared, central storage device without sending the data over the local area network (LAN). It is usually achieved by using a storage area network (SAN).
Note that trivial backup to a dedicated, unshared storage device (such as local tape drive) does not meet the definition.

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  1. Y

    Failed to run containers

    Hi, I hope you are well, my question is as follows: I recently changed the network interface of my dsm from 192xxx to 10. After then, no container will operate. When I connect to portainer and click on any container, a pop-up window with the old address 192.xxxx appears. Could you help tell me...
  2. Crabber

    Use Lan2 to confine Security Cameras?

    Have a 920+ with 2 lan ports. Is there a way to hook the poe switch to the second port and Isolate it from my ISP's router? My thought is to take the load off the main network as well as to hopefully isolate the camera's from the WWW. I would still want to view the cameras via DS Cam etc. The...
  3. B

    NAS behind a NAS

    I have two DS920+ NASs. They have two ethernet ports on them. Lets call them port 0 and port 1 on NAS #1. Lets call them port 0 and port 1 on NAS #2. NAS 1 Port 0 is and Port 1 is NAS 2 port 0 is, NAS 2 port 1 is not used. I have port 0 of NAS...
  4. jeyare

    Tutorial Newbies - Your first NAS, part 2 ... Network preparation

    6. Is my WAN or LAN ready for my NAS project? Next possible bottlenecks of your project. WAN - Wide area network aka internet. Main component of the WAN infrastructure: - Data connection from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) aka “data product” or line, purchased by you from ISP. The speed...