1. A

    Backup to external (but LAN) synology server - shared map (fails fails to access Backup Destination)

    Hi, some days ago I was forced to replace one of the disks in one of the volumes on my backup server. After doing that I wanted to backup my data to this new volume again. From my second NAS (DS916+) this went without a hitch. I could create new backup files on this volume and successfully...
  2. P

    how to map a network shared folder on our NAS with a user outside LAN

    We have a shared folder on our Synology NAS. We need to map this folder for a few users outside our network (LAN) over the internet? What is the best and easiest way to do this without having connection issues.
  3. D

    Access from LAN, but not disconnected WAN

    I had a setup with a DS720 behind my router, port forwarding 443 from the router to the NAS, a wildcard Let's Encrypt cert, and reverse proxy for several services. Eeverything worked great. Then I moved (switched ISP) and now I can access NAS services by using the NAS IP/port or by using the...
  4. WST16

    Info Wake up (WOL) another device on the LAN FROM a Synology NAS

    Recently I needed to wake up a Synology NAS from another Synology NAS while sitting thousands of miles away. Normally sending a magic packet (WOL) over the internet should work provided that port 9 is forwarded. However, for a particular setup I have it didn't (something to do with how the...
  5. M

    VPN Plus with L2TP/IPSec cant access local lan with Remote Default Gateway disabled.

    So i've been using this setup for a long time. Lately my VPN connects normally but I no longer have access to the remote local LAN. I can fix this by editing the Advanced TCP/IPv4 settings and re-checking the "Use default gateway on remote network" However I don't want to use my VPN this way...
  6. tekguru

    LAN services are accessible from the Internet?

    Any ideas as to hoe to resolve this one guys? The NAS needs to be accessible from the internet so that my forum can be accessed. If I choose the 'Open Control Panel' option it takes me to the 'configure router' page which has nothing set up on it.
  7. B

    Video streaming outside LAN - What is the best way?

    Hi all, Recently I have upgraded NAS to Synology DS720+ and would like to share videos online to 4K Smart TV`s (replacement for Netflix, Amazon Prime). Locally I use Infuse Pro on Apple TV and no issues there. My Internet connection is 1000/300 (Mb/s). I would like to stream to quite new TV`s...
  8. NAS Newbie

    I want to locate a computer a long physical distance from its keyboard and monitor. Does a LAN peripheral extention exist?

    So I'm playing around with setting up a tower computer as a docker server. My issue is that I want to locate the computer itself in my basement when my UPC is, but have the monitor and keyboard upstairs in my office. I don't want to VPN into the computer downstairs with my regular office...
  9. pajczur

    Backup and enter Time Machine from outside of LAN

    Hello, I am not sure what exactly is LAN, but I mean I have my macbook in other wi-fi network than DS220j. Or in more human words :) I mean situation that my DS220j is in New York home wi-fi network while I am with my macbook in Los Angeles in hotel wi-fi network. Is there a way to use Time...
  10. N

    DSM is accessible via own domain address, but certificate causes problems within LAN

    Hi there, I managed to access my NAS and its various services form the WAN with a valid LE certificate. However, this certificate causes problems when my devices are within the same LAN as the NAS. E.g. on a windows machine, I get warnings and alarms from my malware protection solution, or from...
  11. Joseb

    Not Secured Connection on Local LAN?

    I find it absurd and idiotic that I get "This is not a secure connection" when attempting to connect to devices on my own local area network from within the network itself, while at home. And I would hate to think I have to now add a layer of 'local certificates" in order to get rid of these...
  12. B

    best way to share a nas between a DMZ and Office lan

    Due to some budget constraints I would like to share my NAS between the machines on the DMZ (a proxmox cluster) and my office lan. I currently have a RS819 with 2 ports (soon to be upgraded to the RS1820+ with 4 1Gb ports and 2 10G ports). On the proxmox cluster the volumes are mounted using...
  13. R

    Question VMM 10Gbe LAN

    Is there a way to pass through the 10Gbe LAN or should I say get a Windows 10 VM to recognise the network as 10Gbe and have speeds available to it?
  14. B

    HELP!! Synology MR2200ac and RT2600ac and LAN

    Hiya, Got these today and set them up but seem to be having a major issue with the LAN port. I had Google WiFi before and I plugged in a ethernet hub into each puck in each room. However when I plug in the hubs into the 2600ac and the 2200ac it does not work and the ethernet devices won't...
  15. iStone

    Solved Block mac address within LAN for NAS

    DSM's firewall setting can block LAN IP address for access to NAS, but DHCP can always assign that PC a new IP, so ... could anyone tell me if possible or how to block a PC with its mac address ( this can be obtained from router interface) thanks!
  16. jeyare

    Setup consideration: NAS Disks vs LAN Environment

    link to this Resource: - how to simple measure a performance of your disk(s) in NAS - how to setup LAN related performance for your disk setup
  17. C

    Question Implementing new NAS - need fast local access over LAN

    I need to do some sort of upgrade for my office server. We've been using an old Novell server forever. I've upgraded it several times over the years. There is no new hardware that works, so I need to do something. I figured it would die 5 years ago, then I'd switch to the backup and rethink...
  18. jeyare

    LAN file share between NAS and Desktop(running on M.2 NVMe) - a consideration

    So it's a time to share my experiences with M.2 NVMe disks in my desktops. I would like to open discussion with you, about your experiences. First, some basics: "Non-Volatile Memory Express” = NVMe, is an open standard developed to allow modern SSDs to operate at the range of current physical...
  19. J

    Solved SSL Certificate for LAN

    For several reasons I do not expose my Synology NAS DiskStation to the Internet and only run Photo Station for LAN users: URL: https://nas.lan/photo local IP segment: When they connect, they all get a warning, that the connection is suspicious and the certificate is not valid...
  20. wwwampy

    NordVPN on NAS for entire LAN

    Hi, I have a Nord VPN subscription and I would like to set it up on my NAS to work for my entire LAN, like a gateway for the internet. I'm not sure how to do it exactly and would need some guidance. Thank you.