The Latest is the sixteenth studio album by the American Hard Rock/power pop band Cheap Trick. The album was produced by Cheap Trick, Julian Raymond and Howard Willing and was released on June 23, 2009. The album was issued on standard CD as well as limited pressings of vinyl and 8-Track tapes. The album was released to retailers on July 21, 2009.
A video for the cover of Slade's "When the Lights Are Out" has been released. The song was released exclusively through iTunes Australia in November 2008. The video is also available for viewing via the band's YouTube page. A video was also made for "Sick Man of Europe".
The track "Sleep Forever" was written in memory of a friend who died, "Miss Tomorrow" was originally a B-side from Robin Zander's eponymous 1993 solo album, taken from the "Show Me Heaven" single, while "Sick Man of Europe" was one of the band names used by Nielsen and Petersson in the early 1970s. "Everyday You Make Me Crazy" was originally written by the band as a Pepsi jingle from 1995 while "Alive" is a re-worked version of "What's in It for You", an outtake from the band's previous 2006 album Rockford.
The Latest is the final studio album by the band to feature original drummer Bun E. Carlos.

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  1. S

    Double-check on DS1515+ DX513 compatibility latest DSM (7.1) version

    Hi Folks. Newbie here to the SynoForum. Had a quick browse around the forums - but with the experience of the cohort here I wanted to double/triple check my hardware compatibility with the latest DSM version from Synology. I have only ever auto-updated my NAS, but the latest OS versions...
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    latest 7 update

    After installing the new update today ... I get these warnings and can't seem to find where to go to correct the issue.
  3. F

    DS213J with latest DSM

    hi, I bought a used DS213J and it's great for now. I'm just wondering since the hardware is very old, I'm guessing it's security is probably quite dated or limited. Is that the case? And if so, if I were buying similar basic functionality but wanted more up-to-date or better security, what...
  4. V

    trying to get a working certificate on RT2600ac for openVPN access

    A couple of weeks ago I updated my RT2600ac to SRM 1.2.4-8081 Update 2. Over the course of a week or so, I ended up having to hard reset the router 3 times as it would keep dropping all network connections. Unplugging and rebooting the router would not work. Each time I restored my...
  5. fredbert

    Info Latest versions of DSM/SRM and packages

    Update: The list of updates has moved. A resource has been created for the list of latest versions and highlighted updates. The resource Overview has the latest A-Z listing and the Updates feature (the information I've been posting here) is used to post the short list of updates. The Update...
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    Problems with Docker after the latest update

    Are there people here who are experiencing problems with Docker since the last update? I notice that after the last update I have more problems with Docker. For example, if I update a container via CLi, the container disappears after it has been updated. The container starts up but no longer...
  7. P

    418play not detecting latest releases

    I’ve got a 418play currently running on 6.2.2-24922-4 and I see that a 6.2.3 has been available for over a week now. My NAS still claims I’m up-to-date, is there anything I can do to check whether the auto update checker is still working? I have it set just to notify me, not so auto-install the...
  8. B

    Question Updated to latest Mono. Packages won't run

    Good afternoon. I updated to the latest mono version. This in turn makes me update sonnar and radarr. After I've updated all three neither of the two run. I get a error that says failed to run the package source. I cannot use docker because my Synology Mass is an older model (ds212+). My work...
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    Guide Latest posts, unread posts, latest resources ...

    How do I find latest posts? In the forum front page you can see a widget above forum nodes with some latest post: How can I see only unread threads and posts? Click on a New posts button in top left corner and an automatic filter with unread posts apply: How can I see all the latest...