1. A

    Replacing a DS218+ (blue flashing light of death)

    I'm new to the forum and a novice NAS user so far as technical expertise is concerned. I'd been running a DS218+ for a little over two years when the NAS box failed. Presumably the Hard Drives are OK (WD Red 4TB). The DS218+ was configured by the vendor and my experience has been with basic...
  2. Gene

    DS920+ status light orange & beeping, cannot connect to DSM but can connect through mapped drive

    While reaching behind my DS920+ and DX517 I bumped the DX517 power cord and the unit shut off. I could not connect to the NAS because all 9 drives are one volume. Received "catastrophic error" message in Assistant. Start/Stop button on DS920+ would not shut off device so I unplugged it. Then...
  3. J

    DS 918+ Status light blinking green - lost

    HI, First-time poster so please be gentle with my newness and the length of this post. My DS918+ has been running fine for 3 years. But yesterday I could not reach the unit. When I walked over to the Status light is flashing green. I have tried cycling the power, reseating the memory...
  4. R

    Status light flashing orange "Configuration Lost"

    Hi All, Apologies if I'm posting in the incorrect section. I seem to be having trouble with my DS215J which started a few days ago. The status light keeps flashing orange which I understand from Gooling, is a "volume" issue. I tried accessing the NAS settings, but it reports "Configuration...
  5. J

    Help: Blinking blue light - then solid blue and bliking disks after restart

    3 days ago, my DS415+ didn't reboot properly. It had been running flawlessly for over a year. It ended with a blinking blue light, no disk lights and couldn't be accessed. I shut it down by pressing and holding the power button. Then I turned it back on. It's been "running" for the past 3...
  6. jeyare

    User article TrueNAS Core - First touch

    First, some diff names for diff purposes: - TrueNAS Core (FreeNAS) is a community edition - TrueNAS Enterprise - is - TrueNAS SCALE - scale-out storage and hyper-convergence system ... in Alpha development phase now Installation background: Virtualbox at Ubuntu 20.04, i5-4460T CPU @...
  7. SynoMan

    Guide Switch between light and dark mode

    You can easily switch between light and dark mode on on the right side in navigation: ... or on mobile: *NOTE: If you don't see the icon first change the style from style chooser in the bottom left corner: