1. S

    DSM 7.1 Photography: Looking for workflow with Synology Photos and Lightroom Classic

    Hi, I'm using my Synology NAS to back-up photos from my Photography hobby. My workflow is as follows: - I upload my photos from camera to Lightroom Classic - Lightroom stores a local copy in a folder, which happens to Sync with my Synology Drive (replication) - My Synology Drive backs up to the...
  2. melvyn

    First NAS - newbie - specific requirements - long post!

    This will be my first step into NAS land! TLDR: replace 3 purpose-use external hard drives, dropbox, adobe access, and daily backups. I have a few MUSTS and a few WANTS, cost conscious (but also saving by removing some existing services) MUSTS - must replace dropbox - I pay for it, want to...