1. C

    setting up between 2 local nas's

    I'm trying to setup a hyperbackup from 2 local nas's (from an 1821+ to a 720+). hbu is installed on the 1821+, and hbuv is installed on the 720+. when I go to make a task on the 1821+, I type in the ip address of the 720+, and click login. This brings a popup to login to the 720+ which...
  2. S

    Can't access synology - even on local network

    I had my synology DS 920+ working fine with me accessing it via my web browser from my PC on the same network. This has stopped working now, I cannot see the login portal even when I type in the local IP address with the port just like I used to. Not getting a ping response on the local IP...
  3. F

    Unqualified (local) DNS lookup

    I'm wondering if it's possible to configure Synology DNS to provide a default domain when an unqualified name is sent. I can't see anything in the GUI or documentation that talks about this. My old system uses dnsmasq as the DNS server, and when set with the --domain option, this will only...
  4. C

    User introduction DS218 6Tb Raid 1 as distant backup and DS220j 10Tb Raid 1 as local NAS

    Hello all. I first began to use a Synology NAS as local backup for my IT developer home-office. Photos, videos and my sources. I have now retired and my photo video collection has reached 1.5 Tb, but backups of my ex-work virtual disks and old PCs still use a lot more and I haven't yet managed...
  5. K

    Is there a way to set up a local update site for both DSM and package updates ?

    Hello, This is my first message on this forum so I hope I'm writing it in the right forum. I own a Synology DS920+ NAS. It is part of a VLAN which is not allowed to access the WAN. This causes obvious issues related to DSM updates and package updates. I would like to be able to set up some...
  6. DeltaGolf

    Local Storage backup drive full, can't edit task to fix

    I have a USB drive attached to my Synology (DSM 7.1) running a backup to 'Local Storage 1'. The 8 TB drive has been filling up and now appear to be full. Hyper Backup says 'Suspended: Not enough space available on the target". Fair enough, maybe if I change the Rotation or exclude a couple of...
  7. H

    MegaCMD "local path"??

    disreagrd, see 1st response
  8. Gene

    Confusion about Cloud Sync "local" and "remote" folders when using Backblaze B2

    I am setting up Cloud Sync to back up my DS920+ to Backblaze B2. I do not understand what folders to choose for "local" and "remote." This is my folder structure when I select the "local" field in Cloud Sync. It appears I need to create 5 tasks to back up everything, since I can't leave the...
  9. F

    Hyperbackup Local Folder Single version -> Restore TASK

    Hello People! First off i am new here so i hope this is the correct subforum for my question. If not please move it :) My problem is as following: I have a DS220J and i am doing regular backups using Hyperbackup Local Folder/USB (Single Version) to bakcup everything to multiple external HDDs...
  10. F

    Best set up to reduce ransomware risks, using Hyper Backup and Cloud

    Hi, I'm looking for a low cost disaster recovery with off-site cloud storage, with the lowest risks from a ransomware attack on NAS. So, if the prime NAS files became toxic, there is best protection when using the cloud as part of the recovery solution. My scenario, is NAS1 Hyper Backups (and...
  11. D

    No way for local automatic configuration backup?!

    DSM 7.x. I don't see any way to schedule a local, automatic configuration backup. I can schedule backup to my Synology account, but don't see any option for local backup other than manual export. Is there really no way to do a scheduled configuration backup locally? I really don't want my DS...
  12. H

    Access to mediaWiki outside from local network

    I try to instal mediaWiki - it ~works. I can open it by my_Serwer_IP/wiki But I can't reach that outside from local network. How to connect with that? Currently I'm using well quickconnect.to but my_serwer.quickconnect.to/wiki don't work.
  13. M

    Connect to NAS with local user, when laptop account on AD domain

    I have a DS720+ on my home network with various local user accounts. I got a new work laptop which is on an AD domain and I cannot for the life of me get it connected to the Synology NAS when I get home on my own LAN. It prompts to connect using my AD account, and any attempt to change the...
  14. G

    Local PC devices from a VM ?

    Hi, I have installed a LinuxMint 20.2 VM on my DS1821+, and I would like to know if it is possible to use a device attached to my local PC from Linux ? For example, I have a Bluray drive connected to my PC: it is possible to use it from the VM ? I have been told that some third party software...
  15. H

    Assign local administrator to domain users

    Hi, I've set up a domain via Synology Directory Server in a test environment, and one of the issues I've come across is that I don't seem to be able to set up a user as local administrator on a client machine? How is it done? Thanks Mick
  16. S

    Hyper Backup fails to access Backup Destination (local)

    Hello Forum, My DSM informed me some time back that I should create a new administrator ID and deactivate the "admin" account, I did that some weeks ago. Then I started running in to backup issues since Hyperbackup was not able to backup anymore. I do have two backup locations: 1) a local one...
  17. equinox

    DSM 7.0 Emails sending to local domain and wait for 20+ seconds to show up

    I assuem that the email never go outside of the network (the relay server I am using). It should go directly to the local recipient's mailbox. The email only contain a word with no attachement. I also have hmail server setup for testing purpose. If I do the same thing, the email immediately...
  18. D

    Local folder & USB (single-version) second run as along as the first

    I have a backup task set to backup about 5TB to an external usb drive (16tb) . Hyberbackup task is Local folder & USB (single-version) because the data doesn't need versions, just want some security in case too many drives fail. The first run (manually started) of the backup took a couple...
  19. J

    Synology VPN Server not accessing local services

    I have hosted Synology with static public IP, this server is running the following: VPN Server Active directory Server Client using VPN server are redirecting correctly to use the VPN IP, but when they try to access the Active directory on same server they access it with the origin IP, so the...
  20. Robbie

    Question for those who run a local NTP server

    My ancient ntp server had to go a while back due to its size and power consumption. In recent days I bought a new modern ntp server which is GPS+PPS bound but no heater or stabilised crystal. My new ntp server (an ebay bargain) does not offer its own fallback external servers, so I am...