1. fredbert

    Safe Access Accessing the raw Blocking Activity log

    The activity log that is managed by Safe Access is held in a SQLite3 database. To access the database you have to enable SSH on the router and login as root using the user admin's password. I don't advocate anyone messing with this unless they are very confident in what they are doing and don't...
  2. fredbert

    Threat Prevention Extracting events from TP log

    I've been looking at how to extract event data from the Threat Prevention log and had drawn a blank... until now. To do this you have to enable SSH on the router and login as root using the user admin's password. I don't advocate anyone messing with this unless they are very confident in what...
  3. R

    Log outs

    Even though I enable "remain log in" the system logs me out Why, Why, Why, Second button :))
  4. X

    Can't log into Synology account inside DSM

    Hey, I bought a Synology NAS (DS218play) a few days back. I've been trying to log into my Synology account inside the DSM and it won't let me. When I log into Synology in my browser, and then try to add my device with the serial number, it won't let me. I tried to create a support ticket, but...
  5. E

    Can not log in after DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 3 to RS814+

    all my other devices returned fine after this update, except my RS814+.... not sure why or whats going on.. have started a support case... but wondering if anyone else has had this issue?... 1647008334 Solved... just had to wait a "extra" long time for it to reboot.... approx. 10-15 mins for...
  6. A

    ABfB VMware fails - no further log

    Having the need to restore a full ESX VM using Active Backup for Business. Everything seems fine in the UX up until I run the restore itself, where it fails immediately. No further log / information, just "failed". Any idea where to look to the CAUSE of the failure ?
  7. G

    DSM 6.2 Manually modify Log Center DSM configuration

    Hi. I did some tests with the Log Center in order to experiment with remote client/server syslog exchanges. Now I would like to reset these settings back to default on client and server side. For example, I selected on server side: Log Center > Archive Settings > Storage destination for...
  8. ed.j

    DSM 7.0 Log Center keeps telling me to install Log Center

    Whenever I open Log Centre, it tells me to go to the Package Center and install Log Center. But... I am opening Log Center for it to tell me this! When I go to the Package Center to "install" Log Center (again?!), it says it's already installed, which of course it is because I just opened it...
  9. M

    DSM 6.2 log center verbosity?

    Hello , I have a Synology NAS DS2413+ running DSM 6.2.4-25556 I also have the Log Center Package installed. Is there a way through the DSM or cli to increase the log verbosity? I ask because we had a problem with the DiskStation getting into a weird state and becoming unresponsive. We had to...
  10. daptap

    pihole - error log: "can't bind to socket: Address already in use"

    I had a pihole running for a couple of years in docker in DSM. Then I tried to update the container today and it broke. After following this tutorial and this one (the same except for what they name the pihole subfolders in file station), I get the following error in the container log...
  11. C

    VPN Server log location

    I'm looking to send the connect/disconnect logs to a graylog server. I can't seem to find where those logs are stored. Looking at the VPN Server application on the NAS I see the exact logs I would like to send, however I can only get an xml export manually. Are these logs from VPN Server...
  12. C

    DSM 6.2 Active Backup log files

    Hi, After restoring a full drive I get a warning that the restore task was only partially completed. I can see from the log file that - most likely - the path names for a number of the files were too long. However, retrieving these files by referring to the log file under "activities" is a...
  13. RoCaRay

    Synology Media Server - Log of Files Served

    Does Synology Media Server maintain a log of the files it has served? If so, where is that log located? And is the information it contains in a format that would be relatively easy to read into a PHP script? I would like to write a Web Server / PHP script to read and report from the Media...
  14. edoubleoo

    DSM 7.0 Synology Docker GUI Log File Display?

    Hi all, Upon starting a docker container via the GUI, the container log file is displayed within the GUI. If an environment variable is declared stating the log file location (for example, within the volume location), the displayed log in the GUI will be stopped or terminated. The only way...
  15. PeterSuh

    Info How to write a remote server shutdown script after checking the shared folder synchronization log table using SQLITE3 built-in synology

    Saves the results of the successful processing of shared folder synchronization to a DB file through the Log Center. And then we're going to use SQLITE3 built-in synology to re-Script to check. Once a normal BACKUP has been verified, the remote NAS server can be shut down via the SSH...
  16. PeterSuh

    Info How to log in without SSH password + How to log in without password

    I started with a scheduler script to automatically power down the target NAS. There is a need to be controlled without a password, so I summarized what I learned after studying on the Internet for a day. The Macintosh I'm using has a terminal app installed by default. It is explained by...
  17. M

    Unable to Log In to VPN

    I set up a VPN and it didn’t work. I’m. It sure what I am doing incorrectly. I have done the following steps: 1) Set up Open VPN in the VPN package. 2) Tried opening the port in Reverse Proxy. 3) Opened the port on my router. 4) Downloaded the Open VPN credentials and emailed them to myself...
  18. Imcon

    Not possible to log into DSM but IP is not in the list of blocked IPs

    Hello, one of our users of DSM can not log from home to the system - it shows that IP was blocked. But I can not find the IP (of course the external IP of the provider not the local) in the block list to unblock it. Can enyone help how to find-out what IP is currently trying to login? There is...
  19. aGraphicz

    Log Center: check filename changes

    Hi there One of my coworkers renamed for mistake a Folder in the Shared Folder. Just out of curiosity I would like to know who was. I tried to check in the Log Center but I could not find it. Is that even possible to have such Information? We are connected using SMB via Mac Thanks a lot!
  20. T

    Note Station client - repeated need to log in

    Hi - I've got Note Station installed on NAS (DS216j) and clients on desktop and mobile phone. NAS is set up (using Advanced Power Manager) to shut down at night and wake up in the morning. Every morning, the Note Station on the desktop needs the password again, though only if the NAS has been...