1. R

    What determines which user name appears first at NAS login?

    I have 2 DS415+ and use LastPass for both. I have multiple users on each and access them with windows 10. One of them always shows up the first user name, mine, listed in both Lastpass and DSM user lists.. The other always shows a specific username that appears farther down on both the LastPass...
  2. SynoMan

    Change space and view after login to Synology Photos

    Just wondering if this is happening only to me. When I log in to Synology Photos I get the Shared space page: After that, I need to manually switch to Personal space. And on top of it, I get the folder view although my last setting was timeline view (so switch it manually again, every time):
  3. Jan Janowski

    admin login on NAS necessary for Support access...

    During a recent Support issue, when I gave the xadmin login and password, I was told that Tier 2 would only login to system with an admin login.. And that was not negotiable! Only if I added an admin login, would they continue... No Exceptions! I created a new admin login and password, (in...
  4. NAS Newbie

    DSM7 2-step login screen & Bitwarden

    I believe this has been discussed before, but I can't find any posts about it when I search. probably I'm not using the correct keywords but anyways: After upgrading to DSM 7, my log in screen is now 2 steps: The 1st screen I enter the user ID and then it rolls to a 2nd screen where I enter...
  5. T

    Login not authorized

    Hi, I have created another account as administrator so I don't use the default 'admin' account. Unfortunately, I am not able to login with it, only the default admin account works! I have tried everything without success. I have ensured that the accounts have DSM access but continue to get this...
  6. Cobra

    Just upgraded now cant login to Synology Photos on phone

    I just installed DSM 7.0 and tried logging into synology photos with the android app. I used the same .synology.me login I used for DS Photo but it wont let me login. 1628108618 I can login to DS File, Drive and DS Finder just fine but not Synology Photos 1628108722 I was using the wrong port...
  7. puttandpray

    Enter Network Credentials Nightmare

    I have had a DS218Play for almost a year and it works great. I am sharing my music catalog through the NAS on multiple computers in my home and using DSPlay to stream from several devices (iPad, iphone, etc.). Everything has worked like a dream until this past weekend when the computer I use to...
  8. Telos

    Help! Disk Full. Login Not Possible

    A fine fix I've gotten myself into. I believe I have messed up the OS partition with excess files. I cannot login via DSM or SSH. Any way out apart from Reset Mode 2?
  9. DaVoodoo

    Blank DSM Login Screen when using DSM Reverse Proxy

    Greetings. As a new user, I have set up everything I wanted to with some excellent tutorials from mostly members here and I am 99% done. I am just being haunted by one thing: I used @Rusty tutorials for Let's Encrypt + Docker = wildcard certs & Synology Reverse Proxy. Sonarr, Radarr etc...
  10. A

    Can Pulsing Arrow On Login Page be Disabled - DSM 7

    Pulsing arrow on login page is annoying. Can the pulsing be stopped? Thanks.
  11. N

    DSM 7.0 ds118 dsm7 problem login with media player

    Hi, i have ds118 and i access my files with 2 media players -xtreamer, xtreamer pro-. i upgrade dsm to version 7 and after that i cant login to ds118. Always i get the message login fail. i am sure i have the correct username and password. something changed in that version? how can i access...
  12. H

    Why is Security Advisor's Login Analysis show 'No Data'??

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me understand Synology's Security Advisor 'Login Analysis' section. For reference, I currently do not have my Synology login page available externally. I do have a reverse proxy set up for a several applications (i.e. Jellyfin, Bitwarden, Grocy, Firefly) but...
  13. What Should I Do If I Cannot Sign in to My DSM Account | Synology

    What Should I Do If I Cannot Sign in to My DSM Account | Synology

    DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a web-based operating system designed for Synology NAS. It simplifies user management and external access and helps you manage your digital assets across home and office. In this video, we’ll demonstrate the common DSM login issues and their corresponding solutions...
  14. J

    Problem accessing Main Synology login page

    I installed a Synology.me certificate and added lets encrypt to it and it shows up fine, but I used to use the link to go directly to the main Login page of Synology but now instead I get this below.. what am I configuring wrong??
  15. WST16

    Info New login behavior push notifications

    This setting is turned off by default. Enabling it with mobile push notifications can be useful. Of course, expect a few false positives (usually when you’re logging in from new places). While you’re there, check the other options too :)