mac mini

  1. tekguru

    Connecting to the DS918+ from an apple Mac Mini

    This is one that's bugged me for a while. My NAS and Mac Mini are plugged into ports on my Router (Netgear Orbi RBK53S). The Mac Mini also connects via WiFi (to allow the use of the Apple Watch to unlock the Mini). The issue is that in 'Finder' and 'Forklift' file managers on the Mac the MAS...
  2. RS217 and RackMac Mini

    RS217 and RackMac Mini

    RS217 with 2 x WD HDDs, M1 Mac mini server above and RS1221+ below
  3. UniFi & Synology

    UniFi & Synology

    From top: UniFi XG6, patch panel, UniFi US48, EdgeRouter 3 (cold spare) RackMac Mini, Synology RS217 and DS1517+ below
  4. Synology RS217.jpg

    Synology RS217.jpg

    RS217 with DS1517+ below behind grille