1. Rusty

    C2 Backup C2 Backup support for macOS is here!

    Yes indeed! It is here. There is no bare-metal restore (yet) but the rest works great. Let's hope this means that ABB support is close as well.
  2. stokhobk

    Does Syn. Drive synchronize extended attributes (like macOS Finder tags) like Cloud Station did?

    I am currently on DSM 6.2 and I use the Cloud Station suite for synchronising files across multiple computers. One feature that is absolutely indispensable for me is the synchronisation of macOS Finder tags. If I tag a file on my laptop, I want this tag to be transmitted to my Synology, and also...
  3. Shanti

    Note Station Client not working on MacOS Monterey?

    After upgrading my MacBook Pro (Intel) to MacOS Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559) my Synology Note Station Client 2.2.1-553-mac-x64 doesn't work anymore. When I start it it just flashes for a second and disappears... I tried re-install but issue remains. Anyone having same issue? Any idea how to resolve...
  4. WST16

    macOS ssh client that’s capable of downloading and uploading files?

    Hi, Anyone knows of such a good (preferably, non-subscription) app that can download/upload to/from macOS desktop and folders? I’ve tried Core Shell but it failed miserably. Thanks
  5. m4v3r1ck

    DSM 6.2 [Log Centre] Clearing old syslog data entries - IP-addresses / hostnames - in listing for overview.

    First post here. I have no clue how and where to clear all the old data entries from past networks and/or devices. To select 3 hostnames for the overview, I have to scroll thru a long list of non existing (anymore) IP-addresses and/or hostnames. I reached out to Synology, but they came back...
  6. fredbert

    Info How-to fix NAS visibility in macOS Finder sidebar

    TL/DR: Clear out recent servers in Finder's 'Connect to Server' dialogue, then: connect to NAS; mount shared folder; disconnect NAS. NAS is now remembered in Finder sidebar. Long version A recent thread on keeping shared folders mounted on macOS got a bit side-tracked with having the NAS...
  7. DeltaGolf

    Permanently mounting a drive on macOS

    I thought Synology Drive would do what I want but no? I want a folder on my Mac which is actually a folder/directory/share on my NAS. I want it like a Big Hard Drive that's always connected to my Mac. I want to store Big Files there and I don't want to have to keep connecting/reconnecting to an...
  8. jeyare

    MacOS Drive client strange behavior

    DSM/Drive User MacOs - 11.5.2 Drive client App - 3.0.1-12674 Drive Server - 3.0.1-12674 Background I cleaned one of the Team Folders structure (weekend), changed some folder structures (move within the Team Folders). I modified the permissions within the Team folder for one specific DSM user...
  9. SynoMan

    Synology News Synology Integration with macOS and iOS — Synology Webinar

  10. SynoMan

    Synology News Synology Integration with macOS and iOS

    In this webinar: Learn how to utilize and manage your Synology deployment in macOS and iOS environments. In this webinar, we'll examine file access, backup, and package integration. Finally, we'll discuss why and how to transition from iCloud and macOS Server to Synology Drive and DSM...
  11. Robbie

    Tutorial Native macOS Finder integration with Synology Universal Search

    Native macOS Finder integration with Synology Universal Search Aimed at novice users this is a simple and quick tutorial on how to bring the native capabilities of macOS Finder and full integrate them with Synology’s own Universal Search application. In the out-of-the-box state the Synology...
  12. B

    Solved Hyper Backup rsync to macOS

    Hi, I'm trying to configure Hyper Backup to rsync on my Mac. So far I was able to login during the Backup Wizard but I can't go further. When I hit "Next", it pops an error window. I made sure everything was ok from that error message but the message keeps re-appearing. What am I doing wrong...
  13. fredbert

    Info Free macOS media player: IINA

    I saw reference to IINA in an online article discussing media files and playbacking using free apps such as VLC [all normal so far] and IINA [what?? never heard of it]. So this is a Mac-only app based on mpv and written using Apple's Swift. If you're going to google it use 'mac iina' as 'iina'...
  14. DeltaGolf

    Contacts works, syncs iOS and macOS except

    Contacts is running. It works and syncs to iOS and BusyContacts on a Mac. But I can't get Apple's to load the addresses. It appears to accept the login but doesn't even show the account in the sidebar. Obvs I know the server address etc and that it works... Anyone have Contacts and...
  15. SynoMan

    macOS, iPadOS and iOS apps

    macOS, iPadOS and iOS users! What apps (for NAS or in general) do you use or recommend for Mac, iPad and iPhone? If possible I use built-in apps on every device and most of them I like. Here are some of the other apps I like or use: macOS apps Capto For screen capture, short videos for...
  16. WST16

    Info 32-bit apps will not work on macOS Catalina.

    Check this MacRumors article if you are using a Mac.