mailplus server

  1. philingle

    Question Backup MX

    Hi I am new on here, and this is my first post, so go gentle with me. I have had a good search and can't find the answer on here already. I was wondering if anyone on here, who uses the MailPlus server also uses a Backup MX service to catch mail when there NAS becomes unavailable. I have been...
  2. J

    activesync for mailplus

    I know there is no activesync support from synology for mailplus. But is there an other way to get activesync? I know there is Z-push, is it possible to install it in a VM and get it work with mailplus, calendar and contacts?
  3. WST16

    Question Mail server log time is incorrect

    I'm running mail server (not plus). There was an update today. I updated and I think it screwed up the time in the mail log. Now it's offset by whatever I have in the time zone! Strangely, if I export the the log (to HTML), the correct time is shown! Anyone seeing that? I've created a ticket.