mailplus server

  1. T

    Problem imap mailplus server

    Hi I have a problem with Mailplus Server. mailplus server is working well in LAN. But I try to connect to th NAS from Internet with thunderbird; I can't to get the emails. However I can send emails but I can't received nothing. thundebird don't received folder, emails, nothing. It can't connect...
  2. K

    Mailplus Server - change SMTP account from local to LDAP

    Hi guys We are running Mailplus Server for a few years now and when we set it up we didn't think ahead and only set it up for local user accounts. Since then, we have acquired a couple additional NAS and have moved a few applications off the primary NAS so Mailplus Server doesn't need to share...
  3. G

    Solved How to diagnose an inbound undeliverable without access to the headers?

    Hi All, First post here. I'm moving a lot of my domains over to MailPlus Server on a DS918+ within a Windows AD domain and I'm seeing an issue where some inbound emails are not delivered. The problem is that I don't have enough information from the Audit log to see what is different about...
  4. DeltaGolf

    Question Licence for MailPlus, not MailPlus Server?

    As I understand it, you need a licence if you want to have more than five MailPlus users. Everything I've read refers to MailPlus, not MailPlus Server. So... can you run MailPlus Server for more than five users if those users are working from an email app - Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, WhatEver -...
  5. Shadow

    MailPlus license pack.. worth it?

    I'm running MailPlus for a couple of years now. Mine and several other family members have a mailbox on it and actively use it. I'm reaching the limit of the free 5 mailbox license, so I thought let's have a look at how much it costs to raise the max to 10 mailboxes. Synology Mail...
  6. V

    How to set up

    Hi I'm trying to set up mail plus server but I'm not very tech-savvy, I configured my A record using the tutorial from Synology but the MX record was vague, could someone help me by explaining what goes in the host and points to section in the dns settings , i though the host section would be...
  7. Pig712

    Removing Spammers from Reports

    Hi all, I have a persistent spammer ([email protected]) attacking my NAS as shown in the attached screenshot. While I have successfully prevented the spam is getting through, they are still showing up in the MailPlus Daily Report (refer screenshot). I was hoping there was way to stop their...
  8. J

    Question Switch from domain user to LDAP

    Hello, I have installed Synology Directory server but it isn't longer needed so i want to switch to LDAP Is that possible without losing data? The biggest problem is mailplus i think. Is it possible to keep my emails?
  9. philingle

    Question Backup MX

    Hi I am new on here, and this is my first post, so go gentle with me. I have had a good search and can't find the answer on here already. I was wondering if anyone on here, who uses the MailPlus server also uses a Backup MX service to catch mail when there NAS becomes unavailable. I have been...
  10. J

    activesync for mailplus

    I know there is no activesync support from synology for mailplus. But is there an other way to get activesync? I know there is Z-push, is it possible to install it in a VM and get it work with mailplus, calendar and contacts?
  11. WST16

    Question Mail server log time is incorrect

    I'm running mail server (not plus). There was an update today. I updated and I think it screwed up the time in the mail log. Now it's offset by whatever I have in the time zone! Strangely, if I export the the log (to HTML), the correct time is shown! Anyone seeing that? I've created a ticket.