1. Shawzborne

    DS file Looking for a File Manager (iPhone) that is SMB compatible and has a button to expand/open folder tree

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to find a File Manager (iPhone) that is SMB network share compatible and has a button that allows you to expand the entire folder tree structure so that you can select multiple “files” from multiple “folders” and “move” them to a single destination folder all within a...
  2. Telos

    A major sucky day... lost access to nginx proxy manager

    How do these things happen? I have had npm docker container running on rpi and all seems well. When I went to log in to add a new RP entry, I get "bad gateway". After updating images, deleting and re-adding the stack, and trying 3 different browsers, all with the same result, I'm flummoxed. I...
  3. R

    Backup VM in Virtual Machine Manager, and running containers in VM

    (Crosspost from Reddit) Hi, I have a DS220+ with extra 16GB of RAM. I am planning to create a no-GUI Debian VM and run K3s on it. It will also act as a Proxmox cluster voter (with qdevice). (I have two other servers that also run Proxmox and VM with K3s on it) I will try to limit workload of the...
  4. SynoMan

    Info DiskStation Manager 7.1 (RC)

    Read more about it: Discussion thread for version 7.1.42621 (RC) already available:
  5. S

    Unable to see Diskstation media server on Windows file manager

    On my laptop I have somehow enabled an icon with Synology logo that shows the contents of my media server (DS211) named diskstation, the contents are photos,videos & music. I would like to set this up the same on my other PC.As per pic. I am able to map drives etc, but cannot replicate what I...
  6. wizard99

    When does the Storage Manager Display the Total Volume Available?

    On my 920+ I had been running three, 3 TB Drives in SHR Mode..... I now added two 4 TB Drives as one of the 3 TB's may have been on its last legs. I deactivated that third suspect drive, Installed the new 4 TB in its place and allowed it to REPAIR and DATA Scrub. I then added the 4th 4 TB and...
  7. akahan

    Storage Manager Change in DSM7?

    In DSM6, I was able to see a nice graphical representation of the cache usage for my SSD cache - I'm pretty sure it was in Storage Manager. But in DSM7, I can no longer find it; is it gone, or did it move someplace obscure?
  8. F

    Nginx Proxy Manager - Docker networks

    Hi All, Recently I installed NPM for the first time in docker, using Rusty`s tutorial. After a lot of trial and error, I`ve managed to setup a proxy host to another docker container app (komga). However, I`ve been trying to point the reverse proxy to the dsm login page, and it doesn`t seem to...
  9. G

    DSM 7.0 Issue with Virtual Machine Manager of DSM 7

    When I upgrade my system to DSM 7, the VMM showed incompatibility. Then I try to upgrade the package manually. It showed I need to install Replication service first. Then I try to install the Replication service. Ans it showed failed again. It seems that I'm stuck in an endless loop So then...
  10. fredbert

    Data scrubbing in Storage Manager

    Have been alerted [scared] by @jeyare about RAID 5 (SHR-1) potential for failure during rebuild due to unrecoverable read error (URE) when accessing disk sectors. The likelihood of this occurring increases the larger the RAID size. So given that in RAID 5 you have to reconstruct the missing data...
  11. nemo081

    DSM 7.0 Two problem: Download manager and Hibernation

    Hello everyone. I have installed in slot1, 1 SSD (Volume 1): DSM 7 and all apps. I have installed in slot2, 1 HDD (Volume 2): download folder and videos. 1- I wanted to move the temporary folder of DownloadManager to the second HD in the folder Download\temp. Every time I go to ...
  12. fredbert

    Hot Spare disks (Storage Manager)

    Being new to >2 bay NAS I hadn't seen the Hot Spare options before. Now I'm thinking about current usage but also migrating the RAID in the future. A few questions occur to me: The documentation lists the RAID types that are supported for Hot Spare. I use SHR-1 and this is omitted from the...
  13. T

    VMM Pro & Virtual DSM Virtual Machine Manager Requests to load driver

    I created a new VM with Windows 10 Pro Everytime I launch the installation of Windows 10 Pro using an ISO file the installation prompts me to provide the drivers for the type of hard disk I want to use. I believe that VMM expects me to provide the drivers for Sata, IDE and SCSI to continue...
  14. S

    BitWarden - password manager (bitwardenrs/server image)

    I have the bitwardners/server image up and running (I used the bitwardenrs/server tutorial). I'm able to access it by my internal ip: port number. However when I try to create my account via the web page I get the following error after I press the submit button "An error has occurred, An...
  15. jono

    DS Manager Pro iOS app

    Just seen this on the iOS App Store Lots of in-app purchases to unlock all of the features, but looks interesting nevertheless.
  16. vtsakiris

    Solved Synology Download Manager Firefox Extension

    Hello, new here! Great forum I installed Synology Download Manager Firefox Extension: I entered all the setting correctly: When i try to download any thing via the extension it gives me the following message: If i...
  17. L

    Question Storage manager S.M.A.R.T. Test did not complete

    My log file indicated some bad block on a 3tb drive so i started up a SMART extended test last evening. At about 1am it was 90% complete. This morning it was still at 90% with no change over the next few hours. My unit is a DS1813+ with DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4. System status shows healthy and...
  18. SynoMan

    DSM 7.0 DiskStation Manager 7.0 Preview Program
  19. wwwampy

    Docker Firefly III - self-hosted manager for your personal finances

    wwwampy submitted a new resource: Firefly III - self-hosted manager for your personal finances - Tutorial for Firefly III installation in Docker via UI Read more about this resource...
  20. wwwampy

    Docker Firefly III - self-hosted manager for your personal finances

    "Firefly III" is a self-hosted financial manager. It can help you keep track of expenses, income, budgets and everything in between. It supports credit cards, shared household accounts and savings accounts. It’s pretty fancy. You should use it to save and organise money. Official website...