1. BobW

    Found a good alternative to Matrix Synapse. Dendrite is a second-generation Matrix homeserver written in Go.

    Hi, If there are people out there looking for an alternative to Matrix Synapse! I came across this alternative Dendrite is a second-generation Matrix It is currently still in beta phase, but so far it works fine. Personally, I find it easier to install and to configure. It is also pretty fast...
  2. jeyare

    The Matrix Resurrections

    Yesterday I lost part of my life watching this kind of end of 2021 anticipation. But, again, I didn't listen to "my other self", who said it would be strange after seeing the trailer. There seems to be nothing left to invent. Or Wachowski discovered the idea that people don't care about...
  3. 2

    Question Matrix Synapse

    Hey everybody Does anybody installed a matrix snapyse docker container on his system? And get it perfectly running with the external database? Right now I got it running with the internal database. But this is sadly no perfect solution. Happy new year and thanks in advance!