1. A

    Active Backup for Microsoft 365 - The size of the copy differs from the mailbox

    Hi, When backing up Office 365 mailboxes, the size of the copy differs from the size of the mailbox displayed in Outlook. I did a test with a mailbox that has 20GB of occupation, and another 48GB. The maximum limit of the mailboxes is 50GB with the licenses currently contracted (Business...
  2. S

    Active Backup for Microsoft 365 failing

    DS920+ with the latest 7.0 release. I'm trying to backup a SharePoint site. It gets some, and then fails with an error that its couldn't complete "possibly" because the system is busy. If I keep running the backup its gets a little more each time. Nothing else is running at the same time so I...
  3. tekguru

    Active Backup for Microsoft 365

    I need to update the package for Active Backup for Microsoft 365, but this requires 'Universal Search' running for the update to be processed. I looked to do the update 3 days ago and 'Universal Search' is still in a starting condition. Any ideas on how to fix it? Very close to uninstalling...
  4. tekguru

    HTTPS interface and Microsoft Edge

    Is it just me, or....... but when I try to access the HTTPS UI logon page in Microsoft Edge the browser does not allow it to be viewed at all. I know other browsers say it is insecure but give you an option to proceed, it seems Edge (on Mac at least) doesn't. If there is a work around I can't...
  5. C

    Microsoft Edge scrolling

    Hey Guys, I've just come back to a windows machine after years with a Mac, Stupid question maybe. Does anybody else find that they can't scroll in Dsm windows? I have to manually drag slider bar down. Thanks