Human migration is the movement by people from one place to another with the intentions of settling, permanently or temporarily in a new location. The movement is often over long distances and from one country to another, but internal migration is also possible; indeed, this is the dominant form globally. People may migrate as individuals, in family units or in large groups.A person who moves from their home because of natural disaster or civil disturbance may be described as a refugee or, especially within the same country, a displaced person. A person seeking refuge from political, religious, or other forms of persecution is usually described as an asylum seeker. The distinction between involuntary (fleeing political conflict or natural disaster) and voluntary migration (economic or labor migration) is difficult to make and partially subjective, as the motivators for migration are often correlated. The World Bank estimated that, as of 2010, 16.3 million or 7.6% of migrants qualified as refugees. This number grew to 19.5 million or 7.9% of all migrants by 2014.At levels of roughly 3 percent the share of migrants among the world population has remained remarkably constant over the last 5 decades.Nomadic movements are normally not regarded as migrations as the movement is generally seasonal, there is no intention to settle in the new place, and only a few people have retained this form of lifestyle in modern times. Temporary movement for the purpose of travel, tourism, pilgrimages, or the commute is also not regarded as migration, in the absence of an intention to live and settle in the visited places.

Structurally, there is substantial South-South and North-North migration, i.e., most emigrants from high-income OECD countries migrate to other high-income countries, and a substantial part (estimated at 43%) of emigrants from developing countries migrate to other developing countries. The United Nations Population Fund says that "while the North has experienced a higher absolute increase in the migrant stock since 2000 (32 million) compared to the South (25 million), the South recorded a higher growth rate. Between 2000 and 2013 the average annual rate of change of the migrant population in developing regions (2.3%) slightly exceeded that of the developed regions (2.1%)."

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  1. E

    Does Migration Assistant reconcile changes to the source during migration?

    Hi everyone Sorry if this has been answered before and I haven't had luck searching the right terms...and I definitely should have asked this question BEFORE starting the migration, but here we are.... I am currently running a migration using migration assistant. It is approximately 42TB of data...
  2. mtichbon

    Shared folder migration slow speed

    I've got a DS918+ and I've setup a new volume with 3 x 8TB Drives (SHR) to replace my single 10TB drive volume (long story short but eff'd up the initial setup as I didn't understand RAID). I'm now trying to transfer my data over by moving my various Share folders to the new volume but my...
  3. lukasberan

    Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration

    Hi. I need to migrate all data from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another tenant. There is no direct way for tenant2tenant migration provided by Microsoft. Is there a way how we can leverage Synology NAS and probably its Active Backup for Microsoft 365 package to perform that migration? I can...
  4. A

    Data migration from ds107e to ds220+

    Hello all, Hopefully you can point me in the right direction. I'm finally upgrading my faithful 107e to a 220+ so I have a bit more speed and hdd redundancy. My issue is getting my data off the old nas onto the new one. I have tried everything I can find on google and the Synology website in...
  5. C

    Questions on HDD migration DS712+ -> DS920+

    Hi all, Replacing my DS712+ with a DS920+ and hopefully using the existing drives (vol 1 is 8TB and vol 2 is 6TB).... Few novice questions I'm sure, but just want to get some ideas of the dead ends I may be going into... Looking at the Synology docs, I'm concerned if I go this route, I'm...
  6. A

    How to automatize MailPlus Server IMAP Migration Task

    Hello, So, this is my situation. I can't access Gmail in my work. So, I managed to install MailPlus Server in my Synology NAS, create a Migration Task that toke lots of hours via IMAP. Now I have all my Gmail emails, tag and everything in my MailPlus account, which I can access from work. Now...
  7. J

    Need help figuring this out - DS218+ HDD failure, Plex migration to SSD and different raid configuration

    So, this is a head scratcher for me and need help figuring this out. In an endeavor to ensure that this goes according to plan, I look to you, the Synology geniuses, to guide me. I currently have the Synology DS218+ that I use as a Plex Media Server but also use for backups. One of my hard...
  8. K

    DSM 7.0 Text-Editor after migration ext4->btrfs

    Hi, after migration from ext4 to btrfs I managed to restore all apps and data, but I'm stuck with text-editor app. Repair didn't work, so I tried reinstall. Now there is a pop-up appearing saying "Failed to load preference settings". Any idea what i can do?
  9. dqueue

    Moving data from DS1513+ to a DX517 attached to DS1821+

    I have a DS1513+ that has served me well as a backup server to my DS1821+. I've decided to get a DX517 to attach to the DS1821+ and have it take over all the work for the DS1513+. Is it possible to take the 5 disks out of the DS1513+, that is all one Storage Group and one Volume, and install...
  10. Jnm3

    DSM7– Are MIGRATION Jitters Justified?

    Hi All… As a SynoNAS noob I want to begin hosting videos that I produce. I want to share links with friends and family — but don’t want to utilize YouTube. DSM6 is up to date on my DS220+. I use it mainly for local TimeMachine backup and storage of a few large files. I’ve installed No packages...
  11. D

    Migration from DS214+ to DS920+

    Wanting to know the best way to swap drives from my old DS214+ to a new DS920+, I read somewhere that as long as they are both running DSM 7, it is simply a case of removing drives and placing them into the DS920+ in same order, correct? any help would be super useful.
  12. S

    Google Migration: Unable to find the server at www.googleapis.com

    I am trying to migrate my Google gSuite/Workspce gmail over to my server, however I am getting the following error when trying to "Check" my "User List" <22>Feb 8 21:19:56 DiskStation offline-imap imaplib2 v2.57 (bundled), Python v2.7.18, OpenSSL 1.1.1l 24 Aug 2021 <19>Feb 8 21:20:16...
  13. K

    DSM 7.0 DS920+ migration erroneous claim

    Hi folks, I noted my DS920+ was unreachable and when I got home I logged in via my laptop... I haven't performed any kind of migration and I haven't changed the drives, added to them, done anything. I am at a loss as to why it's claiming to have drives from another machine. Unless someone...
  14. Shanti

    Migration from DS218+ to DS1621+

    I have Synology DS218+ and I'm planning to buy DS1621+. If I just put my disk (I have only 1 volume with btrfs) from 218+ to 1621+ what can I expect? Will new NAS overwrite existing DSM and keep all the data intact? If I loose some of the system setting that's OK, as long as all the shares and...
  15. J

    Restart hdd migration / assembley

    I had an 1815 completely die so moved all drives to new 1821+. I also have a dx513. All the drives across both create a single shr1 volume. During initial startup and beginning hdd migration everything stopped because not enough drives error and assembly failure. Turned out my esata connector...
  16. B

    DSM 6.2 HDD Migration from DS1815+ to RS3617xs possible?

    Hello together, we have an old DS1815+, which does not boot anymore. I checked the Power Supply via two different ATX Power Supply testers and the first one shows the 12V with an error and the Second tester shows an error with the 8-PIN connection (I assumed that is a 8-PIN CPU connection)...
  17. C

    Help please - Data Migration to new DS1821+ - Best Practice for Speed and Redundancy?

    How should I set this up for: 1) Fastest possible aggregation /syncing / copying of various types of data from various sources to my brand new NAS. 2) Future reasonable speed reads, especially for doing photo processing and cataloging with Lightroom. 3) A reasonable level of data security and...
  18. D

    Migration DS418 to DS920+

    I have migrated my NAS contents from DS418 (DSM 6) to a DS920+ (DSM 7), using HyperBackup as recommended by Synology. All the data/users/system config has successfully been transferred. PHP, Apache and PHPMyAdmin were not migrated,so I installed them on the 920+. The WebStation settings did not...
  19. Y

    Single Disk 4TB Volume Migration to 8TB

    Hi Forum, Apologies if this has been covered before and my searching abilities suck. I have a single Disk containing "Volume 2" as a destination for Shared Folder SnapShot Replication from (RAIDed) "Volume 1" with a bunch of history on it which I now want to migrate to a new and larger...
  20. WST16

    5 to 6 vs. 6 to 7?

    For those who lived through the migration from DSM 5 to 6, how does it compare to the 6 to 7 move? Ease of migration. Users confidence and enthusiasm. Bugs encountered. Gained (or lost) features—was it a bigger jump (features and improvements) from 5 to 6? And of course, how “streamlined” was...