1. A

    Question Docker migration to new NAS

    Hi, i'd like to migrate from DS218+ ext4 2x6TB SHR to a DS 718+ BTRFS 2x8TB SHR. I've read a lot and understood that hyper backup doesn't make a 1:1 copy. Does it correct? What is the best way to migrate with Docker (8 Containers) and other Packages that not supported by Hyper Backup? Thank...
  2. T

    DS Video Migration Playlist

    Hello Everybody, I do a migration between DS1813+ to a DS1817, everything fine ... BUT i have a question : I can find how can i migrate all my playlist in DS Video. Someone could help me ? Did y know, if it s a database, a file ??? and if i can find it by a ssh connection ? Kindest, Clet
  3. D

    Solved Migrating DS212 to DS218+ Really appreciate suggestions/cautions, experiences

    I'm moving from a DS212 (my first, and always sentimental favorite NAS) :) to a new DS218+. Storage: DS212: 2x2TB - currently usage is 1.4 TB of 1.8 available DS218+: 2x4TB Based on what I've read so far I'm going to have to use HyperBackup to make the transition, as disk swap and the...
  4. O

    Question Migration from Dead DS1515+ to New DS1515+

    My DS1515+ kicked the bucket 2 months before the warranty was up. Yippee? I received the new unit today and followed the migration instructions (insert drives in order they were previously installed) and received all expected prompts. I last left my NAS at a point where the ~10 minute...
  5. lehm01

    Question SSD Install + SHR Migration

    Hi all I recently purchased a DS2419+ that i'm looking to make into a home media server. I have an existing SHR volume on a DS1517+ that I would like to migrate over but am curious about adding in a couple SSD drives in a new storage pool for DSM/ application support. To clarify, i'm...