1. S

    SHR1 to SHR2 migration

    Hi, I'm migrating from DS220j (2x4T SHR1) to DS920+ (4x4T SHR2). I'm just curious how long it's supposed to take. I moved 1st disk from DS220 to the new DS920 and added 3 new disks. Then I Repaired SHR1 - it took about a day. Then, I changed SHR1 to SHR2 and it takes ages. It runs 0.008% per...
  2. R

    “Network is disconnected” mid-way through Migration Assistant

    Context & Physical Setup: I’m trying to migrate my DS1813+ to a DS1515+ using Migration Assistant The destination has 2x the storage capacity as the source Each device is connected to my main network using its LAN1+LAN2 bonded, or just LAN1 (respectively). Those connections are working great...
  3. paradeiser

    HDD Migration / just swapping drives? (DS916+ > DS920+)

    I'd like to ask the collective experience : I want to upgrade my DS916+ to a new DS920+ No change of HDDs, I just want to take the existing HDDs and move them to the new NAS. (Like I would if my current NAS breaks and I have to do an emergency-replacement of the broken NAS with existing HDDs)...
  4. I

    DS412+ to DS1621+ migration

    Well I’m finally replacing my well aged DS412+ with the DS1621+. The current DS412 is Ext4 and I’m going to be using BTRF on the new NAS. That being said I need to migrate about 8TB from old to the new and I’m dreading copying 8TB. What are the best options for a speedy migration? I fear the...
  5. R

    Screwed up the migration from DS216+ to DS920+

    Hi I apparently didn't research all of this thoroughly enough because I've had 1 issue after another... First off I attempted to the use DS920+'s migration software which kinda sorta worked but rather than move both drives out of the DS216J, I only removed one to keep the other in a "safe...
  6. S

    Hyper Backup to Azure Storage - migration

    Hello, On my previous NAS DS412+ I have a Hyper Backup configured backing up files from a file share to Azure storage. Recently I upgraded to a new DS420+ with new HDD. I copied all the data to the new NAS. Is it possible to transfer the Hyper Backup job to the new NAS and link this with the...
  7. D

    DSM 7.0 Migration from DSM 7 to new enclosure.

    Hi all, I’m moving from 214Play running DSM7 to a new NAS, planning to use the same disks. Data is non critical, so I now, I’ve been a bad guy messing with betas. :cool: I have a couple of doubts though. - Can I just move the disks from that DSM7 into new fresh DSM 6.x? (I think the answer is...
  8. T

    Migration from DS214 to DS920+ with disk upgrade scenario - is this the right way?

    I've read multiple threads and guides on the topic - still creating a post to make sure I got the procedure right, especially as there are multiple steps on volume setup and adjustment! :) Scenario: - upgrading from a super-old DS214Play to a new DS920+. The old NAS will be shut down at the end...
  9. S

    DS120J to DS920+ Migration

    Dear All, Longtime reader, first time poster here. First of all, thank you all for this incredible resource. It is so nice to find such a trove of useful tips on the interwebs. I ran a few searches to avoid posting a dupe but it seems that although some people are in my situation, very few...
  10. M

    Synology NAS single bay to single bay migration

    Hi to all, my first post on this Forum :) I would like to migrate one HDD (8 TB) from a DS118 model to DS116 model. Is there a specific procedure to do this harmlessly? Someone among you has done this kind of migration already? Thanks to all for reply. Greetings from Italy.
  11. NAS Newbie

    Another NAS migration question

    I have a DS918+ with 4 HDD's that I want to transfer over to my new RS1219+. When I first hooked up the RS1219 and went to synology's "find me" website, it found the NAS, but wouldn't let me proceed with installation because I didn't have any drives installed. Aside from the 4 drives I want to...
  12. NAS Newbie

    Is there anything extra I should do when planning my migration to a larger NAS?

    I'm going to be transitioning my 2Tb drives from my DS918+ to an RS1219+. I have read through synology's migration tutorials and it looks relatively simple. I'm going to make sure to backup my configuration as well as hyperbackup the whole system. I do have several questions: 1. It says to...
  13. aGraphicz

    Migration and files backup: the recycle needs to be copied as well?

    When moving files to an extern SSD is also necessary to move the recycle? Does this affects other files if it's not copied? We need to move files from an old Syno to a new one and we need to load them on an SSD. The files in the #recycle folder are not needed anymore so I suppose we don't need...
  14. M

    Migration from DS411+ toDS920+

    Hello together I will replace the aging DS411+ with a DS920+. After reading through some manuals and articles I still have some questions about the migration. There is no migration wizard for the DS411+, so this option is dropped. The goal would be to transfer the configuration (data, user...
  15. A

    HDD Migration from device DS718+ to DS1621+

    Hi I am a relative Newbie. I have setup my DS718+ and it is perfect except for it being only 2 bay. I have a DX517 expansion unit and had put in 2 drives there. I use Surveillance Station, PLEX and use Synology Drive, DS Audio, and Photos. The setup is running nicely. I can move the DS718+...
  16. H

    Question migration from device DS918+ to DS1621XS+

    Hi, I would like to ask you about some my uncertainties regarding the very close future migration from device DS918+ to DS1621XS+. I am going to migrate from the one device to the another by the exchanging HDD. My actual DS918+ contains in total 4 HDD in the setup of two volumes (volume1 and...
  17. Filbert

    Hyperbackup migration advice

    Hi Folks, I am replacing my old DS214play with a DS218+. I have about 1.8TB of data on the old box, mostly music, photos and PC backups. Both boxes are on the same switch on my home network. The only migration method available is Hyperbackup, which I set off over 24 hours ago and it started...
  18. A

    Question Docker migration to new NAS

    Hi, i'd like to migrate from DS218+ ext4 2x6TB SHR to a DS 718+ BTRFS 2x8TB SHR. I've read a lot and understood that hyper backup doesn't make a 1:1 copy. Does it correct? What is the best way to migrate with Docker (8 Containers) and other Packages that not supported by Hyper Backup? Thank...
  19. T

    DS Video Migration Playlist

    Hello Everybody, I do a migration between DS1813+ to a DS1817, everything fine ... BUT i have a question : I can find how can i migrate all my playlist in DS Video. Someone could help me ? Did y know, if it s a database, a file ??? and if i can find it by a ssh connection ? Kindest, Clet
  20. D

    Solved Migrating DS212 to DS218+ Really appreciate suggestions/cautions, experiences

    I'm moving from a DS212 (my first, and always sentimental favorite NAS) :) to a new DS218+. Storage: DS212: 2x2TB - currently usage is 1.4 TB of 1.8 available DS218+: 2x4TB Based on what I've read so far I'm going to have to use HyperBackup to make the transition, as disk swap and the...