1. N

    Network Link Aggregation Active/Backup Mode

    Hey everyone, Just a quick question regarding network bonding and backup links. I've got a DS1621+ with four LAN ports; ports 1 & 2 are bonded as Balance-TCP, this is plugged into an HPE ProCurve. What I'm hoping to achieve is using ports 3 & 4 as a bonded active/backup mode with these plugged...
  2. nthkmf

    Using ABB to backup server with Physical mode, full system, How can sync to cloud?

    Dear all, I am using ABB to backup a physical server in full mode, I'd restored it one time recently because of ransomware. Now, I think it will be better when backup it to cloud. So can I do this?
  3. Andy

    USB Copy- mirroring mode help.

    I've just done a lot of transferring of data from my (previous NAS backed up) USB drive to my new NAS, directly using USB Copy package in both instances. I rather stupidly selected 'Mirroring Mode' to realise that if I delete something on one side it will delete it in the other (I know) So my...
  4. I

    DS1512+ in suspend mode after power outage tripped UPS

    note: i posted similar note in "DSM 7.0 Another DSM7 regression: UPS" thread. might have been wrong place to post so i try here. my house had power outage and my ups's went online. power came back before UPS's shutdown. however, the ds1512+ has stayed in suspend mode..i've rebooted it twice...
  5. B

    Surveillance station home mode - multiple geotrack users?

    Newbie here. I've set up an IP camera at my flat. I'd like to activate home mode so it only records when I''m out.. I can do that in home mode. seems to work OK, need to test more,.BUT... Can I set this up for my partner too? So it BOTH of us are out, it records, but If one of us is home, it's...
  6. tonygaddr

    SRM Operation Mode

    SRM RT2600ac - Network Centre - Operation Mode Virginmedia Superhub 3 (modem mode) Which mode should be selected: Wireless Router (presently selected) or Wireless AP If change to 'Wireless AP' will this effect access to my data on Diskstation DS720+
  7. pajczur

    How to connect with DS220j while router is in bridge mode?

    I warmly welcome, I'm a little messed up. I played some tutorials, and accidentally launched Bridge mode on my router. Now I can't get to my NAS. Even cannot find it. I would like to turn off this damn bridge mode in the router, but I have no idea how to do it. I dug...
  8. Shawzborne

    DSM 7 Dark Mode

    Hi Everyone, Is DSM 7.0 supposed to have dark mode? Thanks Shawn
  9. fredbert

    Question UPS: When to enter Safe Mode?

    With three smallish APC UPS I decided to re-configure what's connected to each one. The two DSM NAS are to the same UPS so that one monitors and the other shares the status. Up to now I had kept the Safe Mode entry on 'Until low battery' thinking that is would be fairly low but able to withstand...
  10. M

    Trigger a script on safe mode

    I have a Unifi cloud key (as part of a UDM), a DS918, and a low end Cyberpower UPS attached via usb to the DS. The cloud key can have well documented database corruption issues if it loses power abruptly, so I'd like to run a shell script when the synology enters Safe Mode prior, prior to...
  11. WST16

    Info iOS 13 low data mode (Apple)

    I’m looking forward to using this option during my coming trip while using a local limited data SIM. Previously, I would go to mobile data and manage permissions individually. Hopefully, this single switch will make it much easier. In case you missed it, here’s an explanation.
  12. SynoMan

    Guide Switch between light and dark mode

    You can easily switch between light and dark mode on on the right side in navigation: ... or on mobile: *NOTE: If you don't see the icon first change the style from style chooser in the bottom left corner: