1. Jan Janowski

    Can Timed script file from NAS reset Arris Modem in front of Router?

    Posting here in NAS area, because no Task Manager exists on RT2600ac router. During a visit to Daughter in California, Access to everything at home in NC went dead... Neighbors fine, but I'm dead. Ended up being Arris modem locked up... Therefore I had no access to files, etc, and it turns...
  2. DS418play behind my TV

    DS418play behind my TV

    DS418play, modem, RT2600ac router on top shelf, APC BACK-UPS 950VA behind NAS and some old WD external disk for backup. And a TV to hide all network stuff :)
  3. wwwampy

    RT2600ac Download speed

    Since I bought RT2600ac I think my download is not as high as it used to be. I have a package from ISP 150/4 Mbps, but when I test it on Ookla Speedtest I get download around 50 Mbps. Upload is ok. Is this something on the router side or I need to contact ISP? note: I need to return their...