1. photosframe

    Photos Frame for Synology

    Hello For everyone who loves to indulge in emotions, remembering the moments of life stored in thousands of photos on your Synology, I have created an application. It may turn any your Android device to a Digital Photo Frame what will use all benefits of your photo package installed on...
  2. Phone Guy

    Using moments photos photo station as Screensaver

    Really not sure where this was most appropriate, so here goes. I've got a ds1621 and one of the things I'm using it for is backup photos from family phones (about 5 or 6 phones) So I have a media center machine on my TV, which uses a folder of pictures it randomizes thru as a screen saver...
  3. we87

    Mount files to Windows 10 possible?

    I have an windows htpc and it has a photos screensaver. I would like to have the pictures moments backs up sync with the screensaver. All I would need to do would be to mount my homes/user/cellphone storage as a networked location in windows in order for this to happen. But I cannot access the...
  4. C

    Moments storage

    I was just wondering why the app, "Moments," stores 2 copies of the photos in the Home and Homes folder? TIA
  5. J

    upload suspended - divide by zero

    DS920+, DSM6.2.4.25556. using moments app android 12 pixel 4a. started getting dividebyzero exception on uploading photos. i cant see any relevant post yet, trying to explore on getting more info on the logs from phone by googling around. if anyone has any idea, let me know, thanks!
  6. Phone Guy

    Moments Moments iPhone backup not working wifi please help!

    Not sure if this is the right area of the forum for this question or not, I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong section. I have a ds1621+ on dsm6 and several family members using different phones (android/iPhone). I'm new to the whole nas scene in general, but I chose synology as...
  7. F

    Bulk Importing Photos to Moments

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to working with a NAS and just bought my first Synology so please bear with me. Currently, I'm trying to import a large folder with all my photo albums and meta data from Google Photos into Moments. At first I tried File Station but there is an upload limit and it...
  8. pbarney

    Will Moments auto-load images that are stored in a /photo share?

    I have a DS1512+ so I can't use DSM 7's Photos. I just installed Moments, and it was my understanding that if I turned on sharing, Moments would "see" the images stored in the /photo share. Is that true? If so, I'm not seeing any. I already have pictures stored on the NAS filesystem. Is...
  9. D

    Photo Files fail to load in Moments

    I am currently loading a lot of photos (JPEG files) into Moments on my NAS (DS220+). Sometimes the files will load and sometimes I just get a red "Fail" message. Once it goes into "Fail" mode it seems to always fail and then for no explicable reason it decides to start loading. I can reliably...
  10. oRBIT

    Albums in Synology Photos problem

    I've been playing around with "Synology Photos" a bit and creating albums. But I can't seem to filter it in a decent way.. I've got my regular photos + alot of scanned photos in my /photos/ folder (but in different subfolders) and the timeline looks really strange when browsing the albums since...
  11. D

    Copying photos and videos to Shared Photo Library

    Hi hive mind. When I copy photos and videos from my Photo Library to the Shared Photo Library, sometimes the modified timestamp is overwriten by the copy timestamp (rather than the original capture date-and-time) and sometimes it doesn't, keeping the original. I can't work out why or how Moments...
  12. M

    Unable to Post Videos to Moments

    Are you “allowed” to upload videos to Moments? I tried to upload videos from my cell phone using the app and each time it failed but I turned around and was able to upload a picture. Just looking for some answers!
  13. M

    Collaborative Album

    My wife and I want to share an album of pictures of our girls. Is it possible to set up a collaborative album? Or, does she and I have to share our albums separately? I would like to have 1 album let’s say from a family vacation instead of her album of the vacation and my album of the vacation.
  14. M

    Moments vs Photos

    I am trying to set up my Synology to best serve my family and I. One of the main reasons we got this was for data storage and most importantly a centralized area to house pictures. I am a little confused as to advantages/disadvantages of both moments and photos, and which to use for my...
  15. M

    Photo setup

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations and help creating a photo backup/sharing setup. I have read several discussions without finding a definitive answer so I decided to register and create a new thread. The situation: Family of four, two young kids, 8 and 6, so just starting to take their own...
  16. A

    Moments load broken photos

    Hello. I have been using moments from the beginning. It works ok, but from last week after adding new photos, I have a problem. Some of the photos have errors, they don't all come off. This happens both in the ios application and through the website. What have I tried so far: - indexing enabled...
  17. pajczur

    Moments „Moments” auto backup various issues.

    Hello, my girlfriend use Android Samsung phone, and she make tones of photos. And her phone storage shrinks very quickly. I wonder if is there option to move each new photo immediately from Android Galery to Moments. By „move” I mean to delete photo from phone storage and save it in moments. It...
  18. poumtatalia

    Moments has been slowing my DS218 for 2 days

    Hi there, New to NAS usage, I need one mainly for storage and pics management. Since I installed Moments 2 days ago, to organize my photostation pics, the whole NAS is dead slow. Some apps (like photostation) keep on giving me "Timouts", "not responding" and other slowness related issues...
  19. O

    Moments - how to change storage volume

    Hi i'm new to synology (xpeonology). I have created XPeonology nas on my server which has two volumes 1 is 100gb where the moments is installed and data is stored currently. I would like to change the moments storage to Volume2 which is 3tb in size. So, i would like to use this volume to...
  20. NAS Newbie

    Why aren't all my photos showing up in Moments?

    I just got done with a massive photo transfer of 30k+ photos. They are now all sorted into folder by year, and are located in the photos/moments folder on my NAS. Most of the photos appear to be showing up in Moments, but for some reason, photos in folders 2010-2013 are not coming through...