1. S

    Question DS Photo or Moments Auto Backup

    Hi Everyone, I'm reaching out for clarity around geofence/auto backup of photos on to my NAS, mine has stopped working, and no long automatically backs up. From reading some articles online this appears to be an IOS related problem a not so much to do with the app/synology, but others are...
  2. S

    Question Moments - Can it use cloud computing resources or a network connected PCs for compute?

    The AI features of Moments are compelling, however as I have an image library of over 200,000 photos, the processing may take forever. Is there a way to outsource some of the AI compute to the cloud or to another PC on the network? The Synology unit is great (DS1512+) but these Celeron /...
  3. M.Richard

    Editing Photos in Moments

    Is it possible to edit photos in an external photo editor that have been stored in Moments?
  4. NAS Newbie

    I did a dumb thing: Photo Station fighting w/ Moments

    So I was curious about Photo Station and wanted to play around with it. Before I get to the problem I have to give some background: I have 2 users set up for myself: an admin user (NewbieAdmin) and then my everyday user (Newbie). NewbieAdmin can do all the admin stuff, while Newbie has...
  5. D

    Browsing photos in photo station or moments

    Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a Synology NAS and have some questions about how a guest user could browse a folder containing photos and videos. I would envisage that a search function would be possible within either photo station or moments. I have tried the live demo of DSM but it is still...
  6. R

    Moments folders permissions vs. other folders in DSM

    I installed moments on my nas about a month ago and started to put pictures into the "shared" moments library so the wife and I can work on creating a master library. I went to file station to see where the photos were saved and noticed that my personal account and neither my wife had access to...
  7. A

    Can I tell Moments to pull media from any shared folder?

    Hello, As I patiently wait for the 2020+ series Synology NAS drives to arrive, I am trying to learn all that I can so that I am prepared when it comes time to configure. The main goal of my NAS will be to store many pictures. While this is not my only goal, it's what is driving the purchase...
  8. skavans

    Question Can't backup Moments with HyperBackup. Hangs on 0%.

    Hey there, How can I backup Moments with HyperBackup correctly? I'm trying to backup the Moments app to a cloud via WebDav, but the task hangs with 0% on backuping Moments application. I've waited for half a day, but nothing is changed. The utilization of both network, HDD and CPU are about 0...
  9. W

    Moments replacing google photo? is it any good

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, seems like not many of NAS users actually talk about replacing google photo or any other external service for Moments or Photo Station. Knowing NAS limitation I have some questions: 1. has anyone moved out of google photos to NAS sucessfully? 2. Are reading speeds...
  10. C

    Need help with moments librarys

    Hi I need some help tu use moments . What i want to do: Need to have 3 library fo my photos or some other solution to have: 1) Photos-family (uploaded by admin via web) 2) Photos-Smartphone 1 (uploaded by user1 via mobile app 3) Photos-Smartphone 2 (uploadedby user2 via mobile app) I have all 3...
  11. SynoMan

    Compress video and image

    Is there any option to compress video or image in Moments? If I want to share a video of my kids with my mom I get a 1-minute video of 400 MB. That's of course too much.
  12. H

    Moments doubled the storage space, created duplicates

    Last week i decided to go all in with Moments and moved the entire contents of Photo shared folder into 'Home>Drive>Moments' i have upwards of 78,000 photos and thousands of videos. The CPU has sat at 99% usage for 10 days now which is to be expected (although worrying - synology Tech support...
  13. wwwampy

    Moments Video playing

    I really like Moments app. It replaces my Google Photo. Also, backup all my photos and video to my NAS. The only thing is I can't play videos in moments. It's just loading and loading. Not sure why.