1. C

    Need help with moments librarys

    Hi I need some help tu use moments . What i want to do: Need to have 3 library fo my photos or some other solution to have: 1) Photos-family (uploaded by admin via web) 2) Photos-Smartphone 1 (uploaded by user1 via mobile app 3) Photos-Smartphone 2 (uploadedby user2 via mobile app) I have all 3...
  2. SynoMan

    Compress video and image

    Is there any option to compress video or image in Moments? If I want to share a video of my kids with my mom I get a 1-minute video of 400 MB. That's of course too much.
  3. H

    Moments doubled the storage space, created duplicates

    Last week i decided to go all in with Moments and moved the entire contents of Photo shared folder into 'Home>Drive>Moments' i have upwards of 78,000 photos and thousands of videos. The CPU has sat at 99% usage for 10 days now which is to be expected (although worrying - synology Tech support...
  4. wwwampy

    Moments Video playing

    I really like Moments app. It replaces my Google Photo. Also, backup all my photos and video to my NAS. The only thing is I can't play videos in moments. It's just loading and loading. Not sure why.