1. Techboy

    MySQL on Docker failing to start

    When trying to run MySQL on Docker (on my Synology server), I have specified the stack.yml location like this: Its contents are: I am able to start the Docker, but after a short time it stops. The logs show: Am I referencing the file incorrectly, are the contents of the file incorrect, or...
  2. T

    Password protect directory with MySQL in Apache

    I am my migrating an Apache website to my Synology NAS. A portion of the website needs to be password protected and each user needs to have a unique username and password. On my old server, I used mod_authn_dbd And MySQL. I can’t seem to get it to work on the Synology NAS. It seems as though...
  3. E

    Question MariaDB 10 Error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

    Hello I have the MariaDB package installed. I can reach the MariaDB install by logging in with phpMyAdmin using the root credentials & default port. However I cannot connect to the DB from any other Docker application. Nextcloud, Tiny Tiny RSS etc. All of them return Error: 2006 MySQL server...
  4. WST16

    Question yourls (Docker) too many redirects?

    I moved to yourls now that MySQL is up and running. I think the connection to MySQL is ok. Now when I try to access yourls I get a “too many redirects...” message on the browser page. It seems that it goes on a loop of redirects before the browser terminates it. On...