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    Connection Failed when creating a new Volume

    So, I've just created (a couple of hours ago now) a new Storage Pool. I'm now trying to create a volume on it and I keep getting: I've logged off and back on, tried 2 different computers and several different browsers. I'm about to reboot the NAS to see if that makes a difference (though am...
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    Install new volume to replace the old volume, how to migrate in the smartest way?

    I have a DS1515+ with a current 3x6TB disk in SHR (RAID5), giving me 12 TB mounted on /volume1 I'm going to install 2x18 TB disks in SHR (RAID1), giving me a new 18 TB volume, and I want to get rid of the old 3x6TB disks. I understand that there's no migration path from RAID5 on small disks to...
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    Does moving a shared folder shutdown services?

    I'm planning on moving a shared folder to a new volume. The easiest way appears to be to go to Control Panel - > Shared Folders, select the folder and change the volume. However when I do this I get the following warning: "All services will be stopped during the operation, and will resume...