1. D

    User introduction New Member, thanks for letting me join and I appreciate all the sharing of information

    Hello everyone, thank you for letting me join this group and I look forward to learning from the experts. I am retired and have plenty of free time to try and get up to speed on my new NAS, a DS920+ I have owned and used PCs since 1990 and I have built a number of new PCs but the OS was Windows...
  2. M

    DS920+ (DSM7). How do I test a new UPS?

    Adding an APC 1400 UPS due to a couple of power cuts recently. All connected and detected by the DS920+ But how do I safely test that it will do its job? The drives always seem to be active even after unplugging the network cables. Is there an option to suspend the unit so there will be no...
  3. Robbie

    Out with the old, in with the new - 'Tis the Season - SSD

    Out with the old: In with the new: Another 4TB WD Blue to add to the volume - I've been very happy with these drives to date. It's only since the trading the RS1221+ fan noise for the Noctua silence do you get to fully appreciate the peace of SSDs. Usually when I open the door to the...
  4. Q

    DSM 7.0 Lost. Trying to figure out how to proceed with set up of a new NAS.

    Greetings I have a NAS. It has DSM 7.0. I am seeking to figure out whether to use the Synology software or Resilio sync. For this purpose: for users to be able to sync their device (e.g. photos if it is a telephone, or documents and photos if it is a tablet or computer). It appears that...
  5. S

    New DS1520+ and old disks

    Hi all, I have just purchased a new DS1520+ and want to populate it initially with two disks from my exiting DS212j. However, I do not want to have the data destroyed on either of the two disks. I will be using DSM 7. I plan to initially install a spare disk that I can configure for DSM 7. Can I...
  6. J

    Put in new drives in my Synology NAS DS920+ and it says that there are 3 damaged sektors in one of them. What to do?

    I have a synology NAS DS920+ with 2 8TB Drives and i expanded it with 2 16 TB drives and it has been installing/expanding for a day or 2 now and it says that there are 3 damaged sektors on drive 3. Should i contact the retailer to get it replaced or ist it fine? Can i repair the damaged sektors...
  7. S

    WD Degraded Drive Problem - Relatively new to NAS Synology so please bear with me. I bought and setup a Synology 216 and installed two 2 new X 4TB WD

    The two drives are set up as 2 p00ls SHR, btrfs Drive 1 has 3.6 TB free and Drive 2 has 3.5 TB free Drive 1 pool 1 is showing as DEGREDATED With only two available drives available how do I repair Drive 1 which has the system software on it ? Thanks and regards for any help
  8. C

    Help please - Data Migration to new DS1821+ - Best Practice for Speed and Redundancy?

    How should I set this up for: 1) Fastest possible aggregation /syncing / copying of various types of data from various sources to my brand new NAS. 2) Future reasonable speed reads, especially for doing photo processing and cataloging with Lightroom. 3) A reasonable level of data security and...
  9. Huggy

    Help needed - Drive's not recognised on new NAS build

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I'm trying to set up my new 920+. It's just been delivered so I installed the 4 brand new ironwolf pro 6tb drive's and fired it up. When it comes to creating a pool only 2 of the drives are showing. I've powered it down and swapped the drives around and the...
  10. Sly870

    New NAS and some advice...

    Hello all :) I have recently set up my new DS920+, very chuffed and happy with it. Just looking for a bit of security advice please? 1) I have run a "port check" on my IP and can't see my NAS exposed. 2) I have also changed the HTTP and HTTPS port away from the 5000 range. 3) Do I need to...
  11. Robbie

    New UniFi 10GbE Switch Finally Installed

    Finally got my replacement 10GbE switch racked and tweaked to my liking. It is a UniFi USW-EnterpriseXG-24, to replace my USW-XG-6PoE and keep the Synology 10GbE card happy: Having run things for a while at 2.5GbE it is good to return to normal service! ☕️
  12. Telos

    Old NAS. New DSM install. Can I remain at v6?

    I'm about to redo my 213j from an 8 TB RAID0 to a 14 TB RAID1. I want to remain at v6. Is that possible now? My fear is that when DSM downloads, I will get DSM7. I plan to manually download my present release (6.2.4) and attempt a manual installation. I've considered disabling internet...
  13. Jan Janowski

    Threat Prevention After W10 Home Update, New IP Had to be added as a 'Do Nothing' Self Defined Rule in TP

    Did a Windows 10 Home Update today on a HP Pavilion Laptop, and after finished, noticed I had Internet Access, but the icon at bottom right said No Internet Access... Found a new IP Microsoft is using to determine this..... Added new "Do Nothing" rule for this IP.... and a few...
  14. TrevorH

    User introduction Hi New to NAS

    Hi everyone, I’m in the process of entering the world of NAS and this seemed like an excellent place to seek advice.
  15. S

    DSM 7.0 Memtest failed on 2 brand new Syno ECC DIMMs

    Ran into an interesting issue... For our brand-new RS1221RP+, we purchased 2 D4ES01-8G (yes, genuine Synology ECC SODIMM) and installed them. Ran just fine. But just to be sure, I went into the Synology Assistant and ran the memory test. Failed! err=1 (whatever that means). Then tried again...
  16. PGen98

    User introduction Hello, New Synology User!

    Hi all, Just invested in a Synology DS1621+ and already have Plex up and running for my family to enjoy! Loving it so far and looking forward to learning as much about it as possible to extend my own knowledge and find new and innovative ways to use my new NAS device. I signed up with one...
  17. tekguru

    New UPS - recommendations appreciated (UK)

    My current UPS is an APC Smart-UPS 750 which I got hold of when the company I worked at went into liquidation. It is about 6 years old (I think) and according to its system the battery is due to hit end of life in November. Last week while on holiday we suffered a power outage of just over an...
  18. C

    Pihole in docker new router

    Recently updated my internet speed which included new modem and separate router. After several hours trying to access my DS920 through the router I finally got it to work. However I'm also running Pihole. I was notified that Pihole kept restarting and I can't seem to figure out why. I stopped...
  19. m4v3r1ck

    Greetings from a new subscriber.

    Just saying Hi! from The Netherlands, to all of the Syno-gang here! Nice to meet you. :cool:
  20. N

    New DS1821+ Memtest failed

    Hi all, just purchased a DS1821+ and installed 2x 16GB CT16G4SFD8266 Crucial DIMMs. The NAS boots normally and reports all 32GB of RAM just fine. However, when running the memory test from the Synology Assistant, it fails with errors. Logging into DSM, I see the following errors from syslog...