1. T

    User introduction New to Here

    Hi fellow enthusiasts. New to the forum but had a nas unit for years, currently a 9Tb system in an old ATX pc case custom modified for minimal maintenance, maximum cooling and near silent running, with a UPS that will give around 5 days of support should the mains supply ever be out that long.
  2. A

    DSM 7.1 Downloadstation not downloading anymore with new router

    I just exchanged my Draytek Vigor 2132F with a newer 2927F Fiber router today, and everything seemed to work fine until I wanted to download some files with download station. Now I can't remember ever having changed something in the router specifically for my NAS, so I guess it should work, but...
  3. marco

    New Video Station & DS video

    Hello! I heard from a trusted source, that Synology is working on a new version of Video Station. I really hope that they will include many improvements! I like Video Station & DS video! 🎉
  4. lbutlr

    Brand new drives marked as ‘Failing'

    I have tried to add 2 different 8TB drives to my DS218+ (one at an time) and each time the Synology refuses to add the drives, claiming they are ‘failing’. I’ve putlled the drives, reformatted them on a cmomputer, scanned them, and they are both fine (brand new drives from different...
  5. H

    Best way to scan the health of new HDDs?

    Hello I am a complete beginner when it comes to NAS and storage and network related things in general. I purchased my very first NAS a ds920+ to get away from my reliance on cloud storage. SO FAR I FEEL OVERWHELMED and maybe this was too much for a beginner like me. But I will learn as I go and...
  6. F

    User introduction new to forum

    Hello I just joined the forum.
  7. O

    User introduction Hello everybody, new to NAS

    Hello everyone, got me a DS220+ a couple of weeks ago. Started configuring a little bit and have a few things working but also much unclear. Looking forward to learning on this forum. Cheers!
  8. mtichbon

    Using OS drive in new NAS

    I'm trying to upgrade my 4-bay DS918+ from using just 1x 10TB drive to setting up a 3x 10TB SHR RAID, plus use an old 2-bay DS716+ as a backup device. I only set the 918 up with one drive at the start as money was tighter and I thought I could build a RAID array over time, no realising I had to...
  9. Jan Janowski

    DS cam New DS CAM Released

    New DS CAM released. Regarding the issue I pointed out to synology… on small screen phones. Instead of changing “Reso:” To “Res:” which would have fixed the issue… with the existing window size. They increased the window display, blocking even more of the already small screen, but leaving...
  10. C

    DSM 7.1 Inexperienced user needs help linking a NAS to a new PC

    Hi all, I am very inexperienced with NAS drives. A couple of years ago i managed to set up my DS216J and link it to my PCas a backup device. I have now bought a new computer and want to dump all the data on the NAS and relink to the new PC. I have already copied over all the data I want from old...
  11. Jan Janowski

    Manual for new Surveillance Station 9?

    I've had some questions about the new V9 SS, and asked for a manual, but was told wait until it gets released.... Still have not yet found it.... I guess manual has not been released yet... If someone comes across the new OPS Manual for SS9, would you kindly post a link please? Thanks
  12. A

    Connection Failed when creating a new Volume

    So, I've just created (a couple of hours ago now) a new Storage Pool. I'm now trying to create a volume on it and I keep getting: I've logged off and back on, tried 2 different computers and several different browsers. I'm about to reboot the NAS to see if that makes a difference (though am...
  13. A

    Moving 1 drive to a new NAS

    Hello I've got 1 drive I want to move into my NAS, the old server has died so I can't spin it up. Is there any way to keep the data on the drive and import it into my new NAS? The only information I can find is about migrating from 1 NAS to another and I don't want to do that as this NAS is up...
  14. Jan Janowski

    Round Robin on New Synology things.....

    On all NAS's I've installed Advanced Media Extentions... See the Green Checkmark, so I assume it's running OK on each NAS... ??? But in AME program it comments I should go into my Synology Account -- to install the codec..... So OK, I will! A comedy of errors follows: In My Synology...
  15. philthedoc

    User introduction Another new DS920+ User

    Hello! I've been benefitting from this forum a lot recently, so I decided to join. I have loads of questions about my DS920+, particularly around external access to my 79,000 photos.
  16. M

    New 576TB NAS, pool & RAID planning (SA3600 + 2 exp)

    Hi, This isn't my first NAS rodeo, but first time we're giving Synology a serious chance at our company. The hardware arrives in a few days, and I want to plan the volume makeup ahead of time. SA3600 (128GB RAM) + 2 x RS1222sas expansion chassis, full with 36 x 16TB Toshiba enterprise drives...
  17. Suburban Nerd

    User introduction New member with a 920+

    Hello all. I'm Jim from Houston, TX. I just bought a 920+ yesterday and filled it with 4x14TB Western Digital WD140EDFZ shucked from Best Buy WD Easystore external drives. So far, I've installed the latest Plex Media Server and loaded up all of my movies. I'm looking forward to seeing what else...
  18. T

    New NAS, New Drives - New Issues (DS920+ | WD Red Plus 8tb x2)

    Hello, I was hoping to just get some confirmation or a path ahead. I just got my new 920+ NAS, along side 2 WD Red Plus 8TB disks. I plugged them in, booted up, started setup - And got the "Failed to format drive (35)" error. Tried an old slim laptop disk and setup went smooth, so i plugged...
  19. Frizera

    User introduction New user with Synology DS920+

    Hello everyone! My name is Frizera. After many years of faithful service, I decided to retire mine Nas4free 4x3TB home use server, which I assembled myself and put in a box Cooler Master with 2 fans. It is too weak anymore and I was never able to use remote connectivity with my files saved on...
  20. A

    Migrate from ext4 to btrfs with two diskstaions but no new disks

    Hello, I've a DS218 with two disks (RAID1) and a new DS220+. What I want is to migrate to btrfs with no data loose and no new disks, is it possible? Process I thought: 1) Remove disk1 from old NAS 2) Insert disk1 to new NAS 3) Start DSM from scratch formating all data. 4) Create a new volume...