1. L

    Looking for general advice on new home network setup

    I find myself moving to a new home, and I'm reviewing my current network so I can hopefully improve it, but I have no clear path on how to get where I want, and in no small part because I'm new to this stuff. Where I come from: "Home user" setup with ISP router and consumer grade "plug and...
  2. Cyberwasp

    bored, looking for something new

    Hey guy. Looking for something new to work on. Am backing up 6 PCs, 14 cell phone, have movies, youtube videos. Looking for something new to try with the nas, something to do! TIA
  3. Jan Janowski

    Is it me or is the new DSM Update 1 feeling a bit quicker?

    Seems quicker than before, and CPU and RAM useage is a bit more frugal, too...
  4. Jan Janowski

    2 of 3 NAS’s prompted new version on first day

    1 718+ & 1 720+ have both automatically prompted via email about update-1 on first day of release! Could it be something other than what’s in Release Notes is going on? Surprisingly, my experimental 720+ has not yet prompted via email yet. That’s gonna be the first one to receive update...
  5. ed.j

    What to do before moving NAS to new location

    Pretty simple really - I am going to be moving my main NAS from my flat to my girlfriend's. I'm pretty sure her LAN is (so I have given access to that in the firewall) - but I can't be sure I think I should change from static IP to dynamic/DHCP too Anything else? Are there...
  6. B

    User introduction New member

    Hi, guys, just new here but I'm using Synology products quite a long time now... ;) Thanks for accepting me in the forum.
  7. N

    Best practices for new NAS newbie

    Hi I have today set up DS120j (with 4TB) and wanted to make sure it's properly set up with folders/volumes, etc. but as a newbie and despite reading many articles and watching videos, I feel like I need a better understanding. The NAS will mainly be used for backing up for myself and my...
  8. boutros55

    User introduction New form member

    Greetings, oh wise ones. I am hoping to learn some tips from you before I delve into the world of NAS.
  9. BobW

    Portainer updated to version 15 new design!

    Portainer released update version 15 with an all new design. IMHO a welcome change!
  10. Jan Janowski

    RT2600ac Firewall vs 2 new rules in SRM 1.3.1-1

    This is more SRM 1.3.1-1 than RT2600ac specific. Something has been bugging me: I use IPV4 settings here. In SRM settings, I have disabled IPV6, and at bottom of firewall list I have the IPV6 rules that don’t match set for deny. Yet in SRM 1.3.1-1, TWO new firewall rules were added: One of...
  11. fredbert

    Safe Access SRM 1.3 new options for Safe Access

    Having just upgraded SRM to 1.3.1 I was looking at what's changed and notice two new settings that address DNS over HTTPS and Apple's iCloud Relay. Both these interfere with Safe Access's ability to apply web filtering. First, Apple's iCloud Relay gets a Block setting in each Profile within...
  12. noblemd

    FYI: WD RED PLUS 8TB NEW $129 at Amazon - US

    Western Digital 8TB WD Red Plus NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD - 5640 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, CMR, 128 MB Cache, 3.5" - WD80EFZZ List Price: $249.99 Details Top Deal: $129.99 One-Day Prime Delivery
  13. Cyberwasp

    Pihole new ds920

    I just finished installing pihole on a replacement DS920. I had it on my old machine for over 6 months. To test it I usually go to New York Times and it removes the adds. This time it's not working. I've added my standard block lists to no avail. Have also cleared cache and cookies in my...
  14. J

    User introduction New Old Guy Here.

    Been using Synology DSM's for almost a year now. 4 clients and my own dsm. These things are amazing. I've been IT since 1989. First pc had 384kb ram and 2 floppy drives at 360k each!! DOS 2.0 I still use CMD.exe more than not. Networks and Security are my forte. Finally got around to...
  15. N

    17 days to add a new drive?

    Hi! I'm still new to synology, but I just recently added a second drive (Where first I had only 1), and added it to increase my storage pool. Now it's telling me it's "adding drives" and it will take 22 days to do so. Did I do something wrong? Or is it dividing all the files across both drives...
  16. P

    User introduction New DS920+ w/DX517 expansion owner

    Wanted to say "Hi." I've had my new system for a few weeks now and still have a lot to learn. My primary use is centralized data storage for our 2 Kodi systems, for which it's performing quite well. The 920 has 4 8TB WD drives and I re-used 5 of the 6 4TB WD drives that were originally...
  17. R

    Copy NEW???

    I have SuperDuper that I have used to "copy new" from one SSD to another - I would like to do something similar with my DS220+ where I connect my SSD and can only "COPY NEW" from the SSD to my NAS. Is there a simple way to do this? This is what I can do in SuperDuper. Any ideas?
  18. T

    User introduction New to Here

    Hi fellow enthusiasts. New to the forum but had a nas unit for years, currently a 9Tb system in an old ATX pc case custom modified for minimal maintenance, maximum cooling and near silent running, with a UPS that will give around 5 days of support should the mains supply ever be out that long.
  19. A

    DSM 7.1 Downloadstation not downloading anymore with new router

    I just exchanged my Draytek Vigor 2132F with a newer 2927F Fiber router today, and everything seemed to work fine until I wanted to download some files with download station. Now I can't remember ever having changed something in the router specifically for my NAS, so I guess it should work, but...
  20. marco

    New Video Station & DS video

    Hello! I heard from a trusted source, that Synology is working on a new version of Video Station. I really hope that they will include many improvements! I like Video Station & DS video! 🎉