1. TrevorH

    User introduction Hi New to NAS

    Hi everyone, I’m in the process of entering the world of NAS and this seemed like an excellent place to seek advice.
  2. S

    DSM 7.0 Memtest failed on 2 brand new Syno ECC DIMMs

    Ran into an interesting issue... For our brand-new RS1221RP+, we purchased 2 D4ES01-8G (yes, genuine Synology ECC SODIMM) and installed them. Ran just fine. But just to be sure, I went into the Synology Assistant and ran the memory test. Failed! err=1 (whatever that means). Then tried again...
  3. PGen98

    User introduction Hello, New Synology User!

    Hi all, Just invested in a Synology DS1621+ and already have Plex up and running for my family to enjoy! Loving it so far and looking forward to learning as much about it as possible to extend my own knowledge and find new and innovative ways to use my new NAS device. I signed up with one...
  4. tekguru

    New UPS - recommendations appreciated (UK)

    My current UPS is an APC Smart-UPS 750 which I got hold of when the company I worked at went into liquidation. It is about 6 years old (I think) and according to its system the battery is due to hit end of life in November. Last week while on holiday we suffered a power outage of just over an...
  5. C

    Pihole in docker new router

    Recently updated my internet speed which included new modem and separate router. After several hours trying to access my DS920 through the router I finally got it to work. However I'm also running Pihole. I was notified that Pihole kept restarting and I can't seem to figure out why. I stopped...
  6. m4v3r1ck

    Greetings from a new subscriber.

    Just saying Hi! from The Netherlands, to all of the Syno-gang here! Nice to meet you. :cool:
  7. N

    New DS1821+ Memtest failed

    Hi all, just purchased a DS1821+ and installed 2x 16GB CT16G4SFD8266 Crucial DIMMs. The NAS boots normally and reports all 32GB of RAM just fine. However, when running the memory test from the Synology Assistant, it fails with errors. Logging into DSM, I see the following errors from syslog...
  8. deltadata

    New DS920+ want upgrade memory non synology recommendations

    Hi, I just returned my 1st NAS ever 220+, it worked fine, however soon realized that it wouldn't accommodate future expansion plans, so I exchanged for the 920+, knowing that it too has limitations, however as a starter NAS it is way more than I can use presently, future 2-3 years might require...
  9. D

    Uploading new photos on non local network

    Is there a way to force or allow Synology Photos mobile app to backup to DS220 running DSM7 when not on the same local network as the NAS box?
  10. T

    New discs and RAID plan

    Help? I have a DS418play that has 4x6GB discs in RAID 10, and is too full at 96%. I want more space, and have sourced 4 x 10GB discs. I am slightly less anxious than when I first set this up, so am thinking of converting to SHR ... but can't do that simply. So ... I could.... - stay with RAID 10...
  11. SynoMan

    Info Forum update: new landing page, auto-refresh, live content, ...

    Dear forum members and guests! got some useful changes. Now we have a dedicated home page (landing page) on the main domain with a quick view of different information for different forum sections. --- The main feature is the auto-refresh block on the landing page. Stop hitting...
  12. Lieven

    New SRM

    Hi, Is there a release date for new SRM based on DSM 7 ? thx
  13. S

    User introduction Longtime Synology user new to forum.

    Hello everyone! I've been a long time Synology user (more models than I can count) and just now moving ocer to this forum. Official Synology forum is like a ghost town. Very little engagement. I currently am using DS1621xs+ with 2 Kingston DC500M 3.84TB in a Raid 1 and 4 18TB Exos in a Raid 5...
  14. DaVoodoo

    New to Synology. DSM6 or DSM7?

    Greetings all. :) Just received my 1st Synology; a DS1520+. Conflicted about which version of DSM I must install? 6 or 7? Input will be much appreciated. Cheerz Davoodoo
  15. R

    Transfer unused licenses to new NAS

    I have a DS218+ and just bought a DS920+ to upgrade. My question is: I have never used Surveillance Station on the 218+, can I use the licenses from that NAS on my new 920+ along with the two licenses for it? I am thinking about purchasing some cameras for my home and was just curious. Thanks in...
  16. technorabilia

    DSM 7.0 New Docker worker for Package/Docker integration?

    In the Synology DSM 7.0 Developer Guide I noticed the following section: Docker (since DSM7.0) Description Docker worker is made for docker package to help them easily deploy their containers without calling docker command by themselves. Docker worker use docker-compose framework, it will...
  17. I

    HDD strategy for new 1621+

    New 1621+ coming in a couple days and I’m trying to figure out which HDD’s to use and which RAID configuration. It’s replacing an old DS412+ with 4x4TB HGST 7200RPM drives. I was initially planning for 8TB drives but the the cost of anything above 6TB has skyrocketed in the last couple weeks...
  18. J

    New to NAS

    I am brand new to the world of NAS. I just bought and installed a 220j with two 6TB Seagate Iron Wolf 5700 rpm drives. My primary purpose was to replace an Apple Airport Time Capsule for backup of a household of MACOS and IOS devices although I realize that a NAS has a lot more potential than...
  19. D

    New DS1520+ lots of problems, lots of questions, (wont hibernate, cant upload, hdd knocks)

    I set up my nas yesterday, it seemed to be ok but then bad stuff started happening. not sure if it's faulty or what but I'm having some problems. I wanted to use it as a home seedbox mostly. 1. most annoying problem, there is a knocking sound every 3-5 seconds even when HDD is doing nothing at...
  20. Rusty

    Drive Drive X - new version of Drive client?

    Hmm, true or false? Looks like a swiss army knife of mobile apps. I can see more then one current app being killed because of this potential version.