1. C

    New some OpenVPN help

    I followed Rusty's (Synoman's?) excellent tutorial on setting up OpenVPN on several laptops in the household. While I haven't tested them outside the network, everything appears to work. One question that I have is how to update OpenVPN client, since that doesn't seem to appear in settings...
  2. C

    User introduction An Englishman in New York

    Hello all. Basic user here but finding myself in New York as a Englishman (song there somewhere) I am wondering if there are many Brits on the forum? Probably going to have questions on managing stuff from abroad, VPNs and alike.
  3. P

    User introduction New member of SynoForum

    Hello, I am Paul and use Synology DS units at work and home. I just replaced a DS1815+ (RIP) with a DS1821+. Lucky to have not lost any data during the transition. I shuffle data between two locations to reduce potential data loss. Paul
  4. N

    ds1819+ move volume1 to volume2 question

    ok this is going to be an out in left field question. total drive space used is 4.13 tb. this is all backed up on 2 external usb drives and on a old 1815+ with 5x3tb shr2 setup. running a 1819+ with 5x4tb shr2 in volume1 storage pool 1 in slots 4/5/6/7/8 wanting to put in 3x6tb in shr2 as...
  5. D

    Non-zero drive reconnection count on new HDD

    So my older backup NAS, a DS412+ that I repurposed as a backup NAS after upgrading to a newer DS1015+, was starting to run a bit short on space. The existing drives were two HGST 4GB HDDs (HDN724040ALE640), one Toshiba N300 4TB drive (HDWQ140) and a remaining Seagate 3TB drive (ST3000VN000) that...
  6. S

    File station on new DS218

    Hello: I started with a DS118 and set it up to default settings. It had three packages installed - File Station, Universal search, and OAuth service. It had a single folder - Public and everything is working fine. So I bought a DS218 for my main server/backup. Set it up, followed the...
  7. patm300e

    User introduction Newbie NAS user

    As my signature states I have a DS220+ with 2 Toshiba 6TB NAS Drives. 6GB RAM (Upgrade from 2GB). I am using the NAS primarily for DATA back up...Manually right now, but will probably set something up to automate this. I also have a PLEX server running there. I have only been up 2 days so I...
  8. GeneralPatton

    User introduction Newbie with Synology

    Proud owner of a Synology DS920+ with two WD60-EFRX68L0BN1 drives configured for RAID 1. No SSD yet and 4GB memory. Lots to learn. The DS920+ main purpose will be onsite backup for three laptops and a few mobile devices with PLEX as a near-term wish. Eventually will push to a cloud...