1. J

    New to NAS

    I am brand new to the world of NAS. I just bought and installed a 220j with two 6TB Seagate Iron Wolf 5700 rpm drives. My primary purpose was to replace an Apple Airport Time Capsule for backup of a household of MACOS and IOS devices although I realize that a NAS has a lot more potential than...
  2. D

    New DS1520+ lots of problems, lots of questions, (wont hibernate, cant upload, hdd knocks)

    I set up my nas yesterday, it seemed to be ok but then bad stuff started happening. not sure if it's faulty or what but I'm having some problems. I wanted to use it as a home seedbox mostly. 1. most annoying problem, there is a knocking sound every 3-5 seconds even when HDD is doing nothing at...
  3. Rusty

    Drive Drive X - new version of Drive client?

    Hmm, true or false? Looks like a swiss army knife of mobile apps. I can see more then one current app being killed because of this potential version.
  4. B

    Installation of a new NAS to someone else

    Want to prepare a new NAS at home which will actually be installed in another site (another city). Are there any issues that may arise so that an build like this would not be recommended? What are the points I must take into account in order not to run into problems? Thanks
  5. V

    User introduction New to the world of NAS

    Hello All, I am glad to be here. Looking through the forum, I see helpful posts and knowledge share and experiences. So, I stepped into the world of NAS for the first-time last month. Got myself a DS920+ and the sole intention was Plex. Although I am discovering the world of possibilities. I...
  6. SynoMan

    Info Want to buy a new NAS but don't know which one to choose? Fill out the form!

    Fill out the form with as much information as you can give so our members may help you out with your NAS acquisition advice. For the form check the subforum above: ... or in the navigation under Forms. If you have specific needs or...
  7. Hinvest

    User introduction Hello from New Zealand

    Hi from NZ. I’ve previously had a RT1900ac (now a bunch of Ubiquiti gear) and have just bought my first NAS, a DS920+. Loving it very much. Currently just running a Plex server and learning how to use Docker - so far a Pi-hole and Homebridge. Glad to discover this forum! cheers, Joseph
  8. atrisk

    New Admin account breaks Cloud sync.

    Question: got the new alert that the admin account is unsafe, okay no worries, created a new admin account and then disabled the old admin account. Easy! but then when logging in to the new admin account, cloud sync (to Backblaze B2) the app said that since the old admin account was disabled it...
  9. Rusty

    FreshStation - new Synology model

    Got to get me one of those
  10. S

    New to active backup win10 sleeping computer

    I have started using active backup, so far only one problem. What are you guys using to start win10 from sleep? I have tried a couple of things, but can't seem to get it right. Thanks
  11. C

    DS1815+ ; new HDD getting plugged out while repairing

    Hi All, I am new to synology box. We are using 3TB * 8 drives on DS1815+, all the other 7 drives are fine; but i got one drive replaced as the older one had 1900 bad sectors The newly replaced drive WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 (3TB Red) is getting plugged out while in repairing mode. Unable to run SMART...
  12. D

    Migration from DSM 7 to new enclosure.

    Hi all, I’m moving from 214Play running DSM7 to a new NAS, planning to use the same disks. Data is non critical, so I now, I’ve been a bad guy messing with betas. :cool: I have a couple of doubts though. - Can I just move the disks from that DSM7 into new fresh DSM 6.x? (I think the answer is...
  13. R

    Unlocking the new drive compatibility restrictions

    Hi everyone, We have been caught out with purchasing a RS4021xs+ populated with Seagate 16TB ST16000NE000 drives. The disks do detect and show as Allocation Status : Initialized / Health Status : Healthy. But the drives are showing as Incompatible and storage manager will not allow for an...
  14. C

    New some OpenVPN help

    I followed Rusty's (Synoman's?) excellent tutorial on setting up OpenVPN on several laptops in the household. While I haven't tested them outside the network, everything appears to work. One question that I have is how to update OpenVPN client, since that doesn't seem to appear in settings...
  15. C

    User introduction An Englishman in New York

    Hello all. Basic user here but finding myself in New York as a Englishman (song there somewhere) I am wondering if there are many Brits on the forum? Probably going to have questions on managing stuff from abroad, VPNs and alike.
  16. Paul92688

    User introduction New member of SynoForum

    Hello, I am Paul and use Synology DS units at work and home. I just replaced a DS1815+ (RIP) with a DS1821+. Lucky to have not lost any data during the transition. I shuffle data between two locations to reduce potential data loss. Paul
  17. N

    ds1819+ move volume1 to volume2 question

    ok this is going to be an out in left field question. total drive space used is 4.13 tb. this is all backed up on 2 external usb drives and on a old 1815+ with 5x3tb shr2 setup. running a 1819+ with 5x4tb shr2 in volume1 storage pool 1 in slots 4/5/6/7/8 wanting to put in 3x6tb in shr2 as...
  18. D

    Non-zero drive reconnection count on new HDD

    So my older backup NAS, a DS412+ that I repurposed as a backup NAS after upgrading to a newer DS1015+, was starting to run a bit short on space. The existing drives were two HGST 4GB HDDs (HDN724040ALE640), one Toshiba N300 4TB drive (HDWQ140) and a remaining Seagate 3TB drive (ST3000VN000) that...
  19. S

    File station on new DS218

    Hello: I started with a DS118 and set it up to default settings. It had three packages installed - File Station, Universal search, and OAuth service. It had a single folder - Public and everything is working fine. So I bought a DS218 for my main server/backup. Set it up, followed the...
  20. patm300e

    User introduction Newbie NAS user

    As my signature states I have a DS220+ with 2 Toshiba 6TB NAS Drives. 6GB RAM (Upgrade from 2GB). I am using the NAS primarily for DATA back up...Manually right now, but will probably set something up to automate this. I also have a PLEX server running there. I have only been up 2 days so I...