1. jeyare

    what level of noise is produced from your rack?

    I was intrigued that many users wrote - they were bothered by the sound from the HDDs. So my primary homelab rack is about: 17 enterprise-class HDDs in 3 NASes and 2 routers and 48p switch plus 5 Noctua fans for an adaptive airflow within the rack 3kV UPS include big tower workstation equipped...
  2. G

    high capacity HDD low noise

    Using DS416play and DS420+. my 8TO NAS (synology HAT, seagate NAS both 7200) are noise OK. Beyond , from 14to 18 TB, I have read various comments on HDD which are either limited or with contradictions. It seems I need to avoid Exos or WD entreprise, cheap but noisy. WD Red and Red plus , max...
  3. M

    DS1621xs+ Fan speed and noise

    Hi All, Just configured my new DS1621xs+ and noticed that the chassis fans are constantly speeding up and slowing down when running any VM in VMM, especially when I open a web browser or run an installer or updates on the VM. Have played with various combinations of RAM and CPU allocated to the...
  4. W

    DS720+ Noise write with virtual machine

    Hi guys, I've a Synology DS720+ with RAM upgrade (10Gb) and 2 WD disk (2x4Tb). When I power on a Virual Machine from my Virtual Machine Manager the system produce a very loud noise. This is the typical noise of the HDD when you write data into it. How can I reduce this noise? There is the...
  5. oRBIT

    Periodic noise from harddrives in my DS918+

    This is driving me nuts. From time to time, all drives on my first volume starts reading/stopping/reading etc. I have no idea what it does. Index-service doesn't seem to be working. Storage-application doesn't say anything about scrubbing etc. I can't see any activity that can cause this. I see...
  6. oRBIT

    Noise from my drive

    I have had disk activity issues in my DS918+ even when the NAS is idle. I tried reinstall the entire thing but the problem remains. It's a periodic sound and it repeat itself in intervals during idle. I've tried stopping/uinstalling packages and try monitoring with the resource monitor but...
  7. WST16

    Info A cure for vibration–noisy drives.

    Came across this, didn’t try it. I don’t have such problem. Proceed at your own risk :)