1. D

    DSM 7.0 R Studio in docker - Can't map shared drive (Docker noob)

    Hi everyone, I've spent my afternoon trying to figure out how to mount one of my Synology shared drives in R Studio but I just can't seem to get it working. Here's what I need to do: I've created a shared folder in DSM called 'rstudio' and would like to be able to share files within this...
  2. animBacker857

    Picking HDDs and Compatibility Advice

    Hello again. Been loving this forum and am learning a lot. I'm nearing my first NAS purchase, a Synology 1821+, and am checking Amazon for drives to get it with (have good experience with them and am unsure of other UK retailers like Scan and Box). The plan was to perhaps get 2 8TB drives to...
  3. M

    Noob needs help for Basics

    Hi. I have a DS1513+ System which I haven't used for the last 5 Years. It seems to be still working, looks like one HD has failed. I just want to connect it to my Windows 10 PC and copy a few Movie Files from the NAS. I am able to play the movies from within the NAS so the files (most of them I...
  4. pjgtech

    User introduction Noob just saying hello

    Hi, noob here, but not to computers. Used to build my own gaming pc's, like to tinker a bit, am fairly competent, but no expert. Hopefully will get some good advice here. I have an issue with my NAS, I will post a further message in the appropriate place. Thanx
  5. P

    Noob: Beginner questions not finding answers to online..

    Hello everyone, Took the plunge and have one day into the Synology (DS200+.) Tons of great videos and online support which has been great. Bumping into a few topics where searches are off target or information may not be as readily available and hoping folks here might have insight. Static...
  6. C


    For 15 year I was using a Seagate Goflex drive for backing up important files, "Family photos, program settings and such." Recently it gave up and I started researching options and came across Synology NAS. Took a little work setting up but resolved everything and it seems to be working. I was...