note station

  1. t4ir1

    Help! Deleted a user that had notes!

    Hello all, the tittle says it all: I deleted an user that had important notes with it. The filesystem kept the user home folder but I can't find the notes anywhere. I have no idea where they are stored. Can someone help?
  2. T

    Note Station client - repeated need to log in

    Hi - I've got Note Station installed on NAS (DS216j) and clients on desktop and mobile phone. NAS is set up (using Advanced Power Manager) to shut down at night and wake up in the morning. Every morning, the Note Station on the desktop needs the password again, though only if the NAS has been...
  3. I

    Love the concept and what it does offer

    Just thought I would comment on the Note Station app in case anyone from Synology does any forum reading about it. I love the concept and what functionality it does have but it can be much more. I hope as it evolves it will pick up the flexibility and options that Scrivener has. I would also...
  4. F

    How to uninstall Note Station linux client

    I cannot figure out how to uninstall the note station client on linux. It does not appear to be running and I cannot locate an uninstaller. [email protected]:~$ dpkg -s synology-note-station Package: synology-note-station Status: deinstall ok installed Priority: optional Section: non-free/text...
  5. Witzker

    Question HowTo connect with DS Note to Notestation LOCALY via HTTPS

    Hi Tried with IP,, domain with NoIp& Let's encrypt, quick connect ID all with different certificate setting... SO What has to be configured Where that an INTERNAL connection via HTTPS is possible from Tablet (android) & iPhone to Note Station
  6. Imcon

    Is there a way how to inform user about a Note sharing?

    I would like to share some Notebooks with users of DSM. The problem is that the users are not informed about a new sharing (they do not used DSM web so they do not see the notification in the bubble). The best would be that the user gets an email notofication. Another problem with Notes - I...