1. Micky

    Cloud Sync deprecated, OneDrive sync?

    Hi! Since CloudSync will be removed from DSM anytime soon, what's the preferred way to synchronise OneDrive content from Microsoft servers to my local NAS?
  2. S

    Local changes (deletions) to OneDrive

    Ahoy hoy. New DS220j user here. I have just uploaded a good 85000 pics to my new NAS and started syncing it with OneDrive. What I discovered after seeing some weird files in the OneDrive mobile app is that Synology made thumbnails for several thousand of those photos (the ol' "generating...
  3. V

    decrypt all Cloud Sync content on One Drive

    Hello there, Couple of questions hoping that I could get some of your thoughts on: 1. Is it possible to decrypt all content where it rest vs having to copy somewher else while decrypting? I have roughly 1TB of content that I have been syncying over to One Drive through Cloud Sync and I had...