1. T

    Connecting Synology "DS Cam" Android app to Synology "Surveillance Station" through OPNsense HAProxy plugin

    The title sounds more complicated than it is in reality: I just have replaced the Synology Reverse Proxy with OPNsense's HAProxy plugin to prevent NAT for more security on all of my Synology services and other different webservices too. Everything is working fine, all my websites on all my...
  2. G

    Reverse proxy from Synology to opnsense

    Hello all, I currently have reverse proxy setup through synology nas. I’m looking to offload this from the nas to a new protectli that is running opnsense firewall. Has anyone else setup an opnsense or even pfsense firewall with reverse proxy?
  3. monfrair

    any users have edgerouter/opnsense/pfsense with rt2600ac network?

    Has anyone set up or used an edgerouter and or pfsense/opnsense for an extra security with their rt2600ac? Looks like a pretty powerful system and was wondering if anyone had this setup using their rt2600ac as the main gateway and the edgerouter for extra firewall protection...