1. RoCaRay

    Free Eight (8) OWC ThunderBay Spare Drive Trays - Free in U.S.

    For any forum member with a U.S. shipping address... We are giving away eight (8) spare drive trays for OWC ThunderBay 4 or ThunderBay 8 enclosures... The trays are OWC part numbers MEQX3TRAY A/B/C/D - 2-each, marked 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'. Ideal for offline storage or offsite backups. No...
  2. Furbz85

    10gbe OWC connection dropping

    Hi ya'll! I've got some issues with my 1621+ and I think there is no better place to be asking than here. I'd love to get some help please. I've got an iMac (2017, i7, 32GB Ram) connected via thunderbolt 3 (UCBC) to an OWC 10gbe to USB-c adapter. (This boy). The OWC is connected via CAT6 kabel...