1. N

    After Package Centre updates for MariaDB/WebStation/Wordpress link not working to Wordpress

    Wordpress has been working, then yesterday I noticed updates, did these above and now I can't get to the Wordpress home page ie... If I add any other address (ie... I get a 404 error. Looking at the LOGs I see that the PHP was upgraded to 7.4...
  2. L

    Package updates

    For the last few package updates I get notified that there are packages needing to be updated. When I check I find that they are not actually packages that are installed. The first time it did this I let them install and then uninstalled them but this is getting silly. Surely it should only...
  3. BobW

    Docker won’t startup after hibernation package centre says repair!

    Hi, For the past two weeks I’m having trouble with Docker on my DS920+ with the latest DSM 7.0.1. On some random days Docker won’t startup properly after the NAS wake-up from hibernation in the morning. In package centre I see a repair warning for Docker, after I press the repair button then...
  4. J

    TVheadend as Container or Package?

    Hello, I was asking myself what's better. Running TVHeadend with a Sundtek DVB-S2 tuner in a Docker container on the DS218+ or run the SynoCommunity package. Which one makes more sense?