1. Cobra

    Passwordless Sign-In VS 2 Factor?

    Im currently using 2 factor. Which is better or more secure? Thanks
  2. S

    Passwordless ssh

    Hello, This is my second post, which is related to my problem. I apologize for inconvenience having two questions active the same time, but my problem is urgent. I want to login to my Diskstation through ssh without asking password in order to use rsync to synchronize two diskstations. I am...
  3. degoogler

    DSM 7.0 Anyone get passwordless key-based SSH access to work in DSM 7?

    Has anyone figured out how to get SSH keys working (passwordless shell access) with DSM 7? It seems to operate differently than DSM 6 in this regard, and my searches haven't turned up anything new specific to DSM 7.